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linda munday
since 2000-06-17
Posts 315
Adelaide, Australia

0 posted 2000-06-21 03:33 AM

About the deepest love   one can feel


Floating on an endless sea, liquid notes of purity
Sterling melody played on heart, inhaled by soul to deepest part
Flats and sharps melodious wed, wistful score weaves silver thread
Through silk and satin tapestry, unrivalled in it's clarity
Piano plays it's prayers in notes; wafting, rising, gently floats
Immersed, the soothing tones take hold; devine angelic wings enfold
Carried to the heights of space, your words will hold a special place
Musical love made to my heart, and held by me till death we part.

[This message has been edited by linda munday (edited 06-21-2000).]

© Copyright 2000 Linda Munday - All Rights Reserved
serenity blaze
Member Empyrean
since 2000-02-02
Posts 27738

1 posted 2000-06-21 04:17 AM

Absolutely sterling here---abounding with moon glow...But I must insist that you give us a voter's box....this is too good to pass up...linda...e me...I'll do what I can to help...Fabulous!
linda munday
since 2000-06-17
Posts 315
Adelaide, Australia
2 posted 2000-06-21 04:32 AM

Serenity, thanks an awful lot for your support.

I am sooo confused... how do I make my poems available for voting.... Please tell me someone... please, pretty please!
I am sure it's easy when you know how.

And while on the subject how do I vote for the others poems?
Am I a total pc reject or is everything like flagging poetry so obscure?  And while I got you all here, how do I edit the poem's title.

Member Elite
since 2000-01-25
Posts 2556
Floating gently on a cloud....
3 posted 2000-06-21 06:08 AM

This is lovely!!

Love and hugs,

"Poetry is the true expression of my soul, it is my ultimate means of communication. It is my rainbow of delight."

Kit McCallum
Member Laureate
since 2000-04-30
Posts 14774
Ontario, Canada
4 posted 2000-06-21 06:12 AM

Beautifully written Linda!  This flowed so sweetly ... almost melodic itself, well done! (glad you got the book/votey thing worked out for us)!

Best wishes,

Member Elite
since 1999-06-22
Posts 4870
TEXAS (it's all big)
5 posted 2000-06-21 07:57 AM

check flag vote repeat with linda i just cant compete! yuh yuh yuh
X Angel
Senior Member
since 1999-11-07
Posts 1521
6 posted 2000-06-21 01:12 PM

wow Linda, I am so happy you are a part of Passions now. You are an incredibly gifted poet.   This poem was spectacular!
If you need any help as to the who's, hows, or me


Not A Poet
Member Elite
since 1999-11-03
Posts 3885
Oklahoma, USA
7 posted 2000-06-21 01:37 PM

Very nice job Linda. Good subject, good rhymes and nice flow. I like.


Member Empyrean
since 1999-06-05
Posts 25505
Ft. Lauderdale, Fl USA
8 posted 2000-06-21 01:59 PM

A syllabilic symphony gets my vote  
since 2000-04-16
Posts 414
Apex (think raleigh) NC
9 posted 2000-06-21 11:55 PM

very pretty, i feel that way about music too  

luv Elyse

Senior Member
since 1999-06-05
Posts 596
Callington, Cornwall, England
10 posted 2000-06-22 07:50 AM

I like! Your words gave me a deep feeling of peace. Very nice.

"We are the music makers and we are the makers of dreams." - Willy Wonka.

Member Empyrean
since 1999-06-25
Posts 63354
Listening to every heart
11 posted 2000-06-22 09:25 AM

Well done...


~~~Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow.
Helen Keller ~~~

linda munday
since 2000-06-17
Posts 315
Adelaide, Australia
12 posted 2000-06-22 07:25 PM

Thank you all for your wonderful encouragment.  It is an inspiration in itself.  Now my mind is permanently filled with poetic words..looking to be born.
No one told me poetry could be addictive, there should be some warning about
What a wonderful forum.

Senior Member
since 2000-01-13
Posts 873
Hammond, La USA
13 posted 2000-06-22 11:58 PM

What a beautifully melodic poem.
You have my support and my vote

Deputy Moderator 5 Tours
Member Elite
since 2000-01-08
Posts 4697

14 posted 2000-06-23 12:11 PM

This is a beautiful poem! I love the piano, so I was just drawn to this one.

"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars." -Oscar Wilde
"The robbed that smiles steals something from the thief" -Shakespea

Janet Marie
Member Laureate
since 2000-01-22
Posts 18554

15 posted 2000-06-23 09:47 PM

poetic perfection from your poets pen
excellent work

Member Seraphic
since 1999-08-22
Posts 22648

16 posted 2000-06-23 09:49 PM

Absolutely divine!  


Member Elite
since 1999-06-19
Posts 2462

17 posted 2000-06-24 06:38 PM

Nicely written.  Enjoyed muchly.
Deputy Moderator 5 Tours
Member Rara Avis
since 2000-01-03
Posts 7855

18 posted 2000-06-24 06:42 PM

Whatever problems you have with the computer, you certainly don't have when writing. This read like a burst of song, measured in beats, cadences, breath, notes. That part about making musical love to the heart -- I understood completely. Awesome, awesome poem.


linda munday
since 2000-06-17
Posts 315
Adelaide, Australia
19 posted 2000-06-24 08:58 PM

And I thought it was just me that felt that
Thank you, all of  you for your wonderful comments on this poem.. they mean a lot.
Linda M.

doreen peri
Member Elite
since 1999-05-25
Posts 3812
20 posted 2000-06-25 10:11 AM

The poem is lovely... i'd love to hear the music... what was the song you were listening to? Very nice writing.
linda munday
since 2000-06-17
Posts 315
Adelaide, Australia
21 posted 2000-06-25 09:41 PM

Now if I told you the piece of music, would that spoil it.... oh well here goes... its by Enya, Watermark Album, song called Watermark.

Poe Ay
New Member
since 2000-06-30
Posts 9

22 posted 2000-07-06 03:05 AM

Looks like a masterpiece to me...
great stuff.... had to say something again.

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