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0 posted 2000-09-22 11:20 PM

The Debut

The Afterglow

Reaching her dressing room
and stopping just inside,
she looks around in astonishment to find
every available surface consumed
with aromatic, fresh spring blooms.
Their scent permeating her heightened senses,
alive with her well-earned pride
of a job superbly accomplished.
Satisfaction rests contentedly in her mind.

She takes a few steps to the table with brightly-lit mirror
and seats herself on the softly padded chair.
As she removes her jewelry and lets down her hair,
she feels 'one' with what has transpired
and reflects on the past few hours with a joyous tear.


Devoted Preparation

Practice, practice,'s what she's been drilled.
She took the advice and proceeded to this stage of her career.
Scales, chords, allegros, crescendos...
Vivaces, a tempos, fortes, de crescendos.
Exhaustingly melding with the ivories and becoming quite skilled.
Playing with confidence, conviction, courage in her ability...
to the point of having no fear.


Putting On Her Face

With a white square of silk
draped 'round shoulders bare,
protecting her sequined, spaghetti-strapped designer,
low-cut, heart-shaped neckline, dress length kissing the floor.

She flawlessly applied mascara and liner,
making almond-shaped deep baby blues more
pronounced at her stare.
With fingers slender and long,
nails finely-shaped ovals, perfectly painted a glossy
'sun burned skin' tone.
She proceeded to brush a touch of color to each cheekbone,
high and strong.

On to her hair, her full, fawn-colored wavy hair.
She piled it as spun silk, on top of her head,
errant tendrils sweeping her slender neck,
caressing her shoulder and lying at rest
above the soft swell of her full, left breast.

She takes one last glance,
decides she likes what she sees,
dons matching jacket and heels and heads down the hall.
to a crowd she hopes to please.



She stands behind the curtain in shadow
hearing the crowd murmuring low.
Closing her eyes, she allows herself a deep, cleansing breath.
Freeing her mind, drawing on her quiet strength,
pulled from her talented depth.

The house lights put on dimmer.
The once-talkative audience now hushed...waiting in anticipation
to catch the first glimmer
of the pianist they came to see with excited expectation.

The curtain is parted from center to side,
two spotlights shined in her direction.
Applause erupted from the crowd, an escort supplied,
taking her respectfully, arm in arm, to her destination.

Pausing by the concert Grand,
her escort gently grasps and kisses her hand.
She graciously bows to him, then faces the stands
to repeat the gesture.
As the audience takes to their seats,
she travels the remaining few paces with grace.
The sharp 'tap click' of her heels the only sound in the place.
The roar of applause now replete,
anticipation animates their faces.
Her hands twice clench and unclench
as she readies herself, sitting down on the bench.


The Performance

Displaying outward relaxation and
clinging to inward deliberation
her supple fingers begin tapping the keys in sharp staccato.
Loeschhorn's 8th her opening selection.
Striking thunderous chords with great purpose,
she jolts the rapt audience, conjuring in their minds
the scene of a ship in raging storm,
rocking to and fro on the foaming surface.

The young, the aged, refined ladies, stoic men,
all her captives as she mesmerizes and tantalizes them.
Under her creative spell, she plays each musical,
Mendelssohn, Czerny, Baroque, Romantic, Classical.
The melodious compositions offered with uncontrolled sentiment.
Through her heart to her hands ~~ from her soul,
the notes flow majestically; succinct expression.
Pulling emotions from those present,
rendering them whole.

The sound of the final chord drifts out the great hall,
Its beauty absorbed, greedily held in the walls.
The audience, filled with fascination, held motionless in splendored awe
of the woman, center stage, whose exquisite performance
rocked them all.
Applause breaks out, people jump to their feet.
More applause, whistles and calls as yet more leave their seats.

Shaking within yet presenting a calm, outer facade,
she walks center stage, her ears pleasantly assaulted
with praise and laud.
She's handed long-stemmed red roses, a weighty bouquet,
nods her head graciously and smiles at the gift,
she can't seem to find the words to say.
She humbly bows to the crowd to her left, her right
amid the din of Bravissimo! ~~ Excellent! ~~ More, More!
they impleaded.
She grins warmly at that and sighs to herself...

I have succeeded


Music, tonal clear & pure,
Caresses the harshest of curves.
-Song of Gesture

© Copyright 2000 Dorene M. Harris - All Rights Reserved
Mark Bohannan
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1 posted 2000-09-22 11:59 PM

WOWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEE girl.....what a debut....and very much a success. It was worth the time it took to read this one and I must say that you shine and you roar in this one very much.  Your best for sure and I am storing this one in my library.  So where and when is the next booking?  I like how you started from the end and took us back in her memory......BRAVO ....encore
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2 posted 2000-09-23 12:04 PM

I am humbled by your response, Mark.
Many thanks!!!
I will need more practice before
the encore  


Music, tonal clear & pure,
Caresses the harshest of curves.
-Song of Gesture

Wilfred Yeats
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Wilmington, Delaware
3 posted 2000-09-23 12:08 PM

the selfsame dedication of the pianist - to create music to touch the soul - described so well in your words - is shown in your dedication to make this poetic work a joy to read and enjoy
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Up Creek w/Out Paddle
4 posted 2000-09-23 12:11 PM

Wilfred, you are too kind...really.
I'm happy you enjoyed this little number  


Music, tonal clear & pure,
Caresses the harshest of curves.
-Song of Gesture

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