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since 2000-01-06
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0 posted 2000-09-21 05:27 PM

You Don’t Know Me

If I could give you one sweet kiss
I’d give you it in three’s
So come and hide away with me
Beneath the weeping willows leaves
And don’t be coy or shy of touch
Although, You don’t know me

I’ve only known you 3 whole days
And yet is seems like ten,  
I’m sure were meant to lose ourselves
In gasps and shortened breath
In this small time you’ve touched my heart
Although, you don’t know me

I wonder who you really are, out there
Behind that glowing screen
You are so close and yet so far away
I’m lost within this dream
So forgive me if we never kiss, I’ll dream,
Although, I don’t know you.

James Parker Haley  (c) Sep 21, 2000

© Copyright 2000 James Haley - All Rights Reserved
English Rose
since 2000-08-20
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Berkshire, England
1 posted 2000-09-21 05:40 PM

Ooooohhhh...can I relate to this or what!!!!

I too have a secret admiration like this and it is a bitter sweet occupation at times!

Member Empyrean
since 1999-09-21
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2 posted 2000-09-21 06:32 PM

Parker---computers have turned romance into a word with too many letters in it...liked your take on this.  
shadow of poetry
since 2000-07-22
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midwest usa
3 posted 2000-09-21 06:34 PM

I’ve only known you 3 whole days
And yet is seems like ten,  
I’m sure were meant to lose ourselves
In gasps and shortened breath
In this small time you’ve touched my heart
Although, you don’t know me


oh how i know...i know .. i know...
its scary and exciting at the same time...
how easily we can be swept away by the intensity of the glow of the screen...
hopefully we can enjoy without becoming consumed ...
some one very wise once told me...
if ya need it...go for it...
think of it as "massage therapy"  
sweet poem Parker

Member Elite
since 2000-04-19
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4 posted 2000-09-21 07:31 PM

~Ooh P,...How sweet it is!!! Loved this. Tickled me pink.  . Go for it,...get to know her will ya? Take care now. *Peace.
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since 1999-06-05
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Ft. Lauderdale, Fl USA
5 posted 2000-09-21 08:14 PM

Who is it behind the screen?....great question, Parker. Sometimes perhaps we forget that they ARE real people with real feelings and lives....but I'm sure you don't...this poem was written by a caring person. Nice going.....
Member Elite
since 2000-05-13
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High Springs, Florida
6 posted 2000-09-22 01:20 AM

PARKER parker 3's is it..let me hide under that willow.....

very sweet  

hugs, dg

i'm growin'
i dont like it
i'm growin' and it hurts
i love you
but i'm tired
i guess i've got a lot to learn
-w. watson

Member Rara Avis
since 2000-07-25
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Somewhere... out there...
7 posted 2000-09-22 01:25 AM

   you know what they say...third time's a
   charm.    this is really sweet.  i love


"...until you have read the verse on his
heart, you have not truely met the poet."

Mark Bohannan
Member Rara Avis
since 2000-06-21
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In the winds of Cherokee song
8 posted 2000-09-22 01:25 AM

It is so easy to just fall and fall and fall to someone as long as they are behind a screen and in just a matter of days or hours without proper can rip your world appart.
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since 2000-01-18
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9 posted 2000-09-22 02:34 AM

Great read
you've expressed your feelings well
pity there is a screen between you  

Love is the life of the soul...
It is the harmony of the universe

Member Empyrean
since 1999-06-25
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Listening to every heart
10 posted 2000-09-22 06:33 AM

Parker, so very true...but you put it down in a charming manner...
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since 2000-02-02
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11 posted 2000-09-22 09:28 AM

*sigh* true, so beautiful, so sad in a way...great writing
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since 2000-02-10
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Pickering, Ontario
12 posted 2000-09-22 11:14 AM

Is everyone here relating to this or what!!!!   LOL  

Very nicely written James.  I think "screen to screen" romances can make for wonderful poetry.  Works for me!! LOL     


It is a blessing to have wings for words, and passion in pen
Marina Crossley

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since 1999-10-22
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13 posted 2000-09-22 12:19 PM

Enjoyed it a lot!!!!!!!
Jenn E
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since 2000-08-02
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Kelowna, BC, Canada
14 posted 2000-09-22 12:20 PM

Truthful words to describe something that is very real today. Great write here........In a world that once seemed so large, today......really is'nt. I enjoyed this.
I know I say this all the time.....but I love all you write.....that is from my heart.  
Jenn E

since 2000-06-10
Posts 365
Ottawa, Canada
15 posted 2000-09-22 12:42 PM

Very nice work, Parker.  Although there is a new dimension to this romance, it makes it no less real in the heart.  I did enjoy!


Member Elite
since 2000-01-06
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16 posted 2000-09-23 12:31 PM

English Rose, yes I agree, cyber relationships can be additing and unknow. thanks.  

Martie, yes indeed.... what is that word by the way.  

Shadow, yes he must be very wise.   massage therapy, I agree fully.  

SpitFire, patience and caution are my motto, of course I've broken that rule ump-teen times.  

Bal, thank you.... but I don't know you.  

dg, the willow tree is waiting... I'll bring the wine... theres a great T-shirt at the wine making store.... squeeze me, squeeze me make me wine... White or Red?  

Vicky, yes I like to do things in 3's. Do you have two twin sisters.  

Mark, I'll keep that cautionary note in mind, untill I throw caution to the wind. Isn't it always the way.  

Tracy, yes I hate that screen...  

SunShine, thanks.  

Corazon, thanks sweety.  

Marina, thanks, its true.  

vandana, thanks.  

Jenn E, you keep being so sweet to me with you compliments, could be you on the other side of that screen...    

Trew, yes I agree to a point, but I have a protective rule, If I can't touch and feel that person. Then I can't fall deeply. It protects me from getting hurt and reminds me there is a real world that I should search out on occasion.  


Tara Simms
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since 1999-08-12
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Honea Path, SC USA
17 posted 2000-09-23 12:58 PM

Don't you just love this feeling?  This is how my honey and I got started...words on a screen.  3 1/2 months ago we decided to bring our relationship into reality and it's been more than I could have ever imagined.  Good luck to you!
Senior Member
since 1999-12-01
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Washington State
18 posted 2000-09-23 01:36 PM

Very charming and sweet.  


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