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As we walked to the car
We both remained silent
Neither of us wanting
To say our goodbyes.
We'd closed the gap
Of so many Kilometers
And I had winged in
Over so many miles
Clinging to each other
Neither wanting to let go
The North wind whipping
With it's gripping cold
One of us must be strong
Travel she must back home
Through the mountains
And the dark still valleys
I on the other hand remained
To watch her drive from site
Finally I could let out
My sighs and tears
As she turned the corner
I tried to yell, stop!
It was too little too late
She was now gone
We spoke that night
Via the telephone
Two broken hearted souls
Trying to be so brave
Finally the tone came
The four-hour phone card
Had run down to the last
Quickly we professed our love
The night a restless one
She phoned me early
I was already awake
And packing to go
Love so sweet and tender
Two souls united as one
For that brief time period
We were -- one
As i boarded the plane
Taking the window seat
Wanting, hoping, praying
That she'd stop me
Alas the plane taxied
To the end of the runway
The engines wound up
We catapulted into the air
Quietly I sat there
Gazing out the window
Remembering her smile
And the tears flowed.
"Sir, are you ok"
Asked the flight attendant
"Sir what's wrong"
I could only shrug.
A Stopover, 4 hours
I sprinted to the phone
I dialed her number
Alas, she wasn’t home
Once again I was airborne
My plane winged homeward
I remained speechless as
I stared out the portal.
Five and half hours later
I arrived back home
The warm air surrounds me
With a grip of loneliness
Its five months now
We still love one another
17 months apart except
For that one glorious week

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"You can't reason with your heart; it has it's own laws and thumps about things which the intellect scorns."
~ Mark Twain

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Rose Red
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I, too, have been there....try 5 days out of three years?
Great feelings and longings you portray here.

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