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Open Poetry #9
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0 posted 2000-09-10 01:11 AM

Being close to you thrills me
And at the same time fills me
To have your body so close to mine
Feels so right with a lady so fine
It amazes me to think that this one girl
Has completely turned my world.
You’re so close I want to touch you
To show you how much you
Turn me on
This can’t be wrong
Girl you have to understand
That when you’re in my hands
I’m under your command
Tell me what to do
Where to go
I’ll do anything for you
Just let me know
All you have to do is look in my eyes
And I’m mesmerized
By your beautiful face
I stroke your cheek and touch your lips
Thinking about how sweet your kisses taste
I place my fingers on your hips
And I pull you close
I can smell your hair
I want your lovin
So show me that you care
Our lips are so close I can feel you breathe on me
Your kiss is what I need
When we kiss it stops time and space
As you take me to another place
A perfect world
With the perfect girl
I look at you and wonder
How can this be true?
Do I deserve you?
I can’t believe I’m so lucky
To have a beautiful woman who loves me
All I can do to show her that I appreciate her is
Love her
Kiss her lips
Run my finger tips
Down the side of her hips
Pull her close caress her body
Give her all of me
Keep her from all harm
Here in my arms
Right where she should be.
So here I am
I’m giving it all to you
I give my hands
To touch your perfect body
And let you know this man
Is next to you, where I’ll always stand
I give my heart
To let you know that you are part
Of a love that has just started
I give my kiss
Because I love you and you’re my girl

I mean this…
You deserve the world
Because you are the perfect girl

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1 posted 2000-09-10 01:58 AM

*claps*  Beautiful poem!!  I'm sure your girl will love the poem!!    I know I would like it if anyone wrote me a poem like that...!

Welcome to Passions!  
(Sorry, a late welcome)


"Dreams are the touchstones of our characters"
-Henry David Thoreau

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