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Wisconsin, USA

0 posted 2000-08-31 11:56 PM

Like any other, its a new day.
I convince myself your memory is gone to stay.

Another day to begin anew.
Another hour to pull "me" through.

I'm going to forget you, Today is the day!
But fear my memory of you will lead me astray.

I'll keep busy, won't remember you for a minute.
Won't remember a day in my life when you were in it.

But, all at once, memory hits me and then.
Tears of truth begin to fall again.

Warm tears turn to cold on my face.
Blue satin eyes, a smile I can never erase.

As I convince myself, you never meant anything to me.
Tears of truth fall and I'm left to face reality.

© Copyright 2000 June Schultz - All Rights Reserved
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Staffordshire, England
1 posted 2000-09-01 12:04 PM

  Oh, Gemini,
             The tears of truth sting the most in our hearts. I have always been told that time is a great healer, and that's true, but to a poet like yourself....writing your feelings down is the best, and you wrote them down so very well, my friend.

Today is a gift....
That is why they call it
'the Present'!

since 2000-06-28
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2 posted 2000-09-01 12:44 PM

.... so true. Beautifully written.
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since 2000-08-31
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3 posted 2000-09-01 12:06 PM

I can only tell you that time heals all wounds, but the time depends on how deep they cut.
I'm going through the same thing, and it's been 4 months, and it seems harder now than ever.  I guess every one is different.
Writing does help.  
Truley a great poem.  I love it.

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since 2000-08-03
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4 posted 2000-09-01 12:50 PM

Oh just ripped out my heart with this one!
I just knew it would be so
Coz I'm a Gemini also!  
Great great poem! Loved it!
Hope it works out for you...

P.S.What day were you born?

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since 1999-12-15
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Wisconsin, USA
5 posted 2000-09-01 01:47 PM

Sunny1-Thank you for your poetic understanding, coming from someone as gifted as yourself, I appreciate.
Daniel_vv-Thank you.
CAMERON-Thank you, You're so right about poetry helping.  Give the healing a year or so or at least a lifetime.
LM-Thanks Co-Gemini, I appreciate.  June 3rd is the birth date, how about you?

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since 2000-08-03
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6 posted 2000-09-01 04:11 PM

I'm the first day of the sign  

Jeffrey Carter
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State of constant confusion!
7 posted 2000-09-01 05:18 PM

Tears of truth are always the hardest to cry so I offer you tears of understanding instead......tis true time does heal all wounds as long as you have faith in yourself
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Wisconsin, USA
8 posted 2000-09-05 01:42 PM

Jeffrey-Thank you for reading and for your understanding.
Lone Wolf
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Lansing, MI USA
9 posted 2000-09-05 09:03 PM


One day, those tears will be of joy once again.  Hang in there my friend.  May your tears cleanse your soul.  

Lone Wolf

Poetry should surprise by fine should strike the reader as a wording of his own highest thoughts and appear almost a remembrance. -J.Keats

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Wisconsin, USA
10 posted 2000-09-06 01:14 PM

Lone Wolf-Thank you for reading and for your words of inspiration.
since 2000-04-09
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Montgomery, AL
11 posted 2000-09-07 01:36 AM

Awesome poem.  I've been fighting this battle for a while now... I'm trying to forget for a week at a time now.. ther eis hope.    --Dave

"Don't let your character get camoflaged with your environment.
Find who you are and let it stay in its true colors." --Rachel Joy Scott

serenity blaze
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since 2000-02-02
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12 posted 2000-09-07 01:48 AM

Must be a gemini thing---I could so relate...and I am June 13--as is Dark Angel, and JanetMarie is June 15....lotta twins here...*winks*
One Who Understands
since 2000-01-20
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Cedar Rapids, Iowa
13 posted 2000-09-07 01:56 AM

Beautiful.  I know exactly what you are going through in this piece.  You put your feelings so wonderfully.
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with you
14 posted 2000-09-07 02:00 AM

G~ like it came from my soul, I felt and understand every ache in every word.......excellent   -SEA

Live,Love,Laugh :) ~SueB

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15 posted 2000-09-07 01:04 PM

Tears of truth...
You've touched me thru this one...

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Wisconsin, USA
16 posted 2000-09-07 01:14 PM

WhiteNite: An awesome thank you coming your way.
serenity: Appreciate your kind relating, and yes, it probably is a Gemini thing.
One Who Understands: Thank you for empathizing, I appreciate.
SEA: Thank you for feeling and understanding.
CocoBaci - Glad I touched, thank you.

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Member Rara Avis
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The Shores of Alone
17 posted 2000-09-07 03:13 PM

Gemini, had to read this, its not a Gemini thing, cause I'm a Leo, and it hit me hard as well  
For some odd reason it made me think of a country music song, can't even remember the name,but she is talking about how she never misses him except Monday, which was never good anyway,  and gos on to list all the days of the week.
I like this even better. And it is so hard to forget someone you loved. Maybe even impossible, if you look at my experience.
Take care.

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18 posted 2000-09-07 09:22 PM

This is so powerful and hits the cords of
memories in my heart tonight...if you only
knew...I guess we all have memories like
this...and that only makes this poem even
more special...thank you
for the "quiet comfort" tonight~

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