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Open Poetry #9
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since 2000-04-19
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0 posted 2000-08-30 01:59 PM

You Are My Candy Apple

You are my candy apple,
my five point constellation
soaring by.

My petal soft touch,
my ring of iron will
holding sky.

You are my papered trees,
my ticking time space
spinning on.

My lyrical expression,
my face of tasted fame,
my new dawn.

You are my bottled free,
my street hand gift
grasping to.

My aloe soother,
my turning wheel ride,
...that's you.

© Copyright 2000 SpitFire - All Rights Reserved
since 2000-07-27
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1 posted 2000-08-30 02:01 PM

I've never had much of a sweet tooth but this kind of sweet I enjoy!!!



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since 1999-07-23
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Boot+Kitty=Poetry in motion
2 posted 2000-08-30 02:04 PM

Hey there, ya lil Spitfire!  This poem is filled with really neat similes.  I have only one critical comment - there wasn't anything in there like,

You are my size 11 boot,
Kicking kitties
Making me feel buccaneerish.

It was just a suggestion - I won't feel TOO hurt if you don't add it  

[This message has been edited by LngJhnAg (edited 08-30-2000).]

Paula Finn
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since 2000-06-17
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3 posted 2000-08-30 02:07 PM

this is cute i really enjoyed it...but dont let LngJhn put his boot in here...LEAVE US KITTIES ALONE THERE GUY!!!!!!
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since 2000-04-19
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4 posted 2000-08-30 02:08 PM

~Hey Never!!! ahha. But yeah, thanks for the suggestion. Maybe next time.  .  LoL *Peace.
Deputy Moderator 1 Tour
Member Rara Avis
since 2000-06-03
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The Shores of Alone
5 posted 2000-08-30 03:17 PM

Very sweet, lighter than usual for you, SF..
Loved it.

Member Elite
since 1999-05-23
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Coastal Texas
6 posted 2000-08-30 03:37 PM likes mucho.  So many small appreciations mounting to the sincerest compliment.....all these things are you.  Love it!
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since 2000-04-19
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7 posted 2000-08-31 01:17 PM

~Thank you Cat for reading. Yeah,...definately lighter than usual for me but I was feeling sweet at the moment. Actually, it seems a lot lately. Which is good. I think it's that burying thing happening again though, but for now, I smile. Thanks babe for always coming by my words.
~Alicat,...why thank you mucho for taking the time. And for the love. hehe. I like the name you've given me. Thank ya.

Mark Bohannan
Member Rara Avis
since 2000-06-21
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In the winds of Cherokee song
8 posted 2000-08-31 02:07 PM

mmmmm...licking lips after reading aloud and yesssss it is definitely sweet.  Loved it and good job on not letting LJA and any bitterness with his boots.  Loved it.
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Plantation, Florida
9 posted 2000-08-31 02:39 PM

This is a wonderful tribute to one that you love! I especially liked the last line that tied it all together!
brian madden
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since 2000-05-06
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10 posted 2000-08-31 06:06 PM

Spitfire, loved the poem very sweet.

"I concede relationships have left me weak Won't be here so I don't care Look for something worthy to replace my guilt" Mansun legacy

Seymour Tabin
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since 1999-07-07
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Tamarac Fla
11 posted 2000-08-31 06:45 PM

Nice writing enjoyed the read.

Lone Wolf
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since 2000-03-16
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Lansing, MI USA
12 posted 2000-09-01 12:59 PM

Hey you . . . nice writing here!!! Love this one.  I knew you had a playful side!!!  LOL.  Missed you and hope we can talk soon.  


Poetry should surprise by fine should strike the reader as a wording of his own highest thoughts and appear almost a remembrance. -J.Keats

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Between a laugh and a tear...
13 posted 2000-09-01 02:31 AM

It is nice to see your "lighter" side again, well done!  

"The heart and soul have no illusion of boundries when friendship is the quest"
~ My Angel.

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since 2000-07-06
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Staffordshire, England
14 posted 2000-09-01 02:41 AM


   Mmmmmmmm....A candy apple sure sounds good right now!  Where's the nearest fair?? Seriously.....this was fun for the eyes!!!

Today is a gift....
That is why they call it
'the Present'!

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since 2000-04-22
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15 posted 2000-09-02 01:10 AM

This is very sweet and so are you baby flames!

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