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Poet deVine
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since 1999-05-26
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Hurricane Alley

0 posted 2000-01-16 11:20 PM

In celebration of Martin Luther King Day, January 17, 2000.

The Dream

He had a dream for all of us
To see with eyes colorblind
But too soon the voice silenced
Though the thread still entwined

Hands joined in brotherhood
Shedding tears with tolerance
A life given to end the pain
Of denied independence

Celebrate the birth today
Of Martin Luther King
Close your eyes to bigotry
And let freedom ring.


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Member Seraphic
since 1999-08-22
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1 posted 2000-01-16 11:50 PM

AMEN May that dream become a reality! Great poem, Sharon, with such a great message!


And slight is the sting of his trouble
Whose winnings are less than his worth;
For he who is honest is noble,
Whatever his fortunes or birth.~~~Alice Cary, ~Nobility~

Member Empyrean
since 1999-06-25
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Listening to every heart
2 posted 2000-01-17 12:05 PM

And in the air his voice resonated
then too quickly it was gone
Oh my Son, although the words elaborated,
only in the air will the words ring on.

Beautiful job, Sharon, thanks!

Look, then, into thine heart, and write ~~~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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since 1999-09-21
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Sycamore, IL, USA
3 posted 2000-01-17 03:53 PM

A very fitting tribute.  I so often think, on the internet, only the truth of ones heart makes them different from another and that's as it ought be everywhere.  Thanks for reminding us to carry on the dream.
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