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Maggie’s Letter

Dear Santa,
       I am so excited to write you this letter!
That I don’t mind being out here in the cold with out a sweater.
I love the beauty of winter and the scene of the snow,
But I am more thrilled to let you know
That I was extra good this year,
I tackled my duties like a good little girl with out any fear!
I even told my dad I cared and loved him and wanted him to live a long time,
Even when he struck me, I did not yell I just pretended to be a mime.
The bruising and cuts will eventually heal,
So I won’t even make such a big deal.
Santa I have heard stories of your miracles and wishes,
But I’m sorry I can’t offer you cookies or scrumptious dishes
In exchange for a wonderful present
All I have is this letter I wrote for you and I hope you find it pleasant.
I cleaned for hours day and night,
Sometimes in the dark when my father would forget to pay the light.
This year I didn’t cry or complain,
When my stomach growled with hunger pain
This year I didn’t regret having no mother,
Instead I gave thanks for having a father like no other.
So dear Santa I ask you, please don’t pass my house this year
I really have been so good and sincere
All I want is one gift in return
Please give me one special day with my dad without concern
Just one day to hug him and kiss him and make him proud of me,
I don’t mind if you don’t leave me a present under the tree,
Besides we never had one but I don’t mind
Because I know my father deep down loves me and is kind.
Well dear Santa I hope my letter was not too long
And I hope you saw that I was good and did no wrong.
May you and Mrs. Clause have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year
I am so excited; I will finally feel the magic of a Christmas cheer!

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