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0 posted 2004-02-14 10:36 AM

Most highly favored the Slater clan
Striking lads and lively beauties
of equally exceptional parents
who proudly performed their duties

In a rambling old house on Springfield street
they grew into their god like skin
fed on Schubert, Hawthorne, Tolstoy and Kant,
to some, their existence a sin

Valerie though, was a different sort,
the youngest of this dynasty,
cheated at birth of spectacular gifts
as homely as ever could be

To avoid brash comments and raised eyebrows,
she was lovingly kept at home
and taught by siblings, of far off places
that she herself, never would roam.

With effort, she learned to cook and to sew
take pride in the shine on the floor-
as she developed, dechipered the truth
that this was her lot and no more

But Cupid had other ideas for Val,
though the young girl could not have known
an arrow would pierce the heart of one man
and she would find love of her own

One warm June morning, the Slater's were off
doing mythical sorts of things
as she, in the garden, hung the wet clothes
of the resident queens and kings

She sang as she worked, a plaintive tune
with notes of such uncommon grace
one if passing, could not help but notice
the radiant glow on her face

Just down the hill lived a broken spirit
who spent his dark days in despair,
his house not a home, was filled with neglect
and badly in need of repair

Edward Tine sat near the cracked window
and stared at the black empty sky
as sunrays danced on the floor of the room
ignored by an unseeing eye

Though blind without question, his hearing keen,
led Val's haunting song in the breeze
to float in the house that wasn't a home
and bring the poor wretch to his knees

So pure this sound! Bearing joy long forgot
to a heart, withered and hollow
which swelled with promise, as Tine wandered toward
the voice he knew he must follow

And this is how Val encountered the man
enchanted, who stood at her gate,
blue eyes gleaming with the light of true love
in this wink of romantic fate

Their marriage, a chorus of days then years,
a house now a home shined with care
and songs of undying passion played on
for the happy, unlikely pair

Valerie, the vision of loveliness
which Edward continued to see,
endeavored to be the unblemished wife
no Slater assumed she could be

Romance like this is to big to contain
soon lends itself out to the air
where others inhale it's amorous scent
till they too, are caught unaware

Finally the townsfolk began to feel
a lighthearted inclination,
to mark one day for the worthy couple,
in annual celebration

Red roses and candy, gifts much desired,
vows of eternal devotion,
as sweethearts became electrified
creating a great commotion

Delightfully new tradition takes hold,
Young lovers declare not to stray,
with hopeful anticipation they wait
for Cupid, on Val and Tines day.

© Copyright 2004 Deborah L. Carter - All Rights Reserved
Joyce Johnson
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1 posted 2004-02-20 04:54 PM

This is delightful Romy and too bad it is hidden here.  I am glad I found it.  Love, Joyce
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