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with you

0 posted 2002-10-05 04:12 AM


(thanks Mike)

The hour is late,
I should be sleeping
instead I sit here
quietly weeping
crying for a man
I never knew
yet remembered with
a de ja vu
It happened quite by chance
this fate provoked
walking through an antique store
a place I’d been to
many times before
I started with my favorites
milk jars of glass
then I found
old photographs
thumbing through
I saw his face
lean, elegant
so full of grace
I couldn’t believe
my own mind
when the ‘memories’
I did find
I knew his name
I knew his life,
you see
I was his wife
How could I know?
How could this be?
it’s just a picture
looking back at me…….
The shop owner asked,
“Have you seen a ghost?
He lived here,
down by the coast.”
I told her things
I couldn’t know
relayed stories
of long ago
I saw it then, in her eyes
it was the truth
No guesses
No lies

“We must somehow
be related,
us meeting
somehow fated,
for that man  
you clearly know
was my great grandfather,
Mitchell Joe”
She seemed confused
when I tired to explain
the memories of another lifetime
resurfacing again....
she didn't understand
so I just let it be
took the picture,
home with me

~now the picture is hung
upon my wall
and tonight I cry
for a man I recall


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Mississippi coast
1 posted 2002-10-05 07:48 AM

Spooky. And just right for Halloween. It put me in the spirit.


Larry C
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2 posted 2002-10-05 10:51 AM

I hate fear. But this one I like.

If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane, I'd walk right up to heaven and bring you home again.

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3 posted 2002-10-06 02:30 AM

Ooo, I love the twist of this. And that she knows of her past as well as this. Perhaps this is only the beginning lock to more keys?

Awesome, Susan!

passing shadows
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4 posted 2007-12-16 12:14 PM

love this!
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5 posted 2007-12-17 03:27 PM

wow this was good! I loved it.
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6 posted 2007-12-21 07:12 PM




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