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0 posted 2002-01-04 07:16 PM

A new year to ya
Now whatcha gonna do
To make a better year
Before that it is through.

Are you gonna rush around
And make some silly plans
Or think it through quietly
Just where you want to land?

Are you gonna sit there wishing
That good will come to you
As if you were a magnet
with nothin' for you to do?

Are you gonna waste it
On regrets of bygone days
Or bravely forge ahead
And change your pitty-poor ways?

It's gonna be up to you
Your at the steering wheel
Just where do ya want to go
It's up to you, to make the deal!

You can help make it da' best one
That you have ever known
But you won't have a crop
If you haven't sown!

So, Dear Friend I tell you
The Future's in Your Hands
Make the most of 2002
--At least do the best ya can!

Here's to a right fine new year!

Every Day's a Blessing
And Gift-Wrapped from Above,
Share it with another
And Spread the Father's Love!!!

May You come to Know His Best Blessing

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© Copyright 2002 David L. White - All Rights Reserved
ellie LeJeune
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1 posted 2002-01-04 09:15 PM

Weeel, Ahm gonna do right here what ya'll propose we do and have a right fine year..yes siree bob..Ahm gonna pray myself right into it too! Hugs to you bro, E

A friend hears the song in my heart, and sings it to me when my memory fails.

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2 posted 2002-01-10 11:29 AM

Well, okey-dokey, I'll keep your words in mind. And Happy New Year to you, too.


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3 posted 2002-01-16 12:41 PM

(smiles) YAY!!! So very well said, sweet friend, this is sooooooo beautiful! May we all embrace this New Year everyday with hopes and dreams to fulfill with a smile! (big hugggssssss) We all love you so much, sweet friend, this is wonderful! You have such a beautiful heart, sweet David, thank you for sharing!

May love and light always shine upon you!

Noah Eaton

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