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0 posted 2001-06-29 09:36 PM

These wre actually written for Memorial Day but it's all about freedom and what people have gone through to achieve it.

A Revolution

We’ll build our nation strong,
We’ll build our nation right
And so we chose our colors,
To be red and blue and white

The red to stand for the courage,
That we will need to fight
The blue to stand for bravery,
Since we must show out might

The white will stand for honor,
For purity and truth
As we build this mighty nation,
A home for me and you

            War of Independence

A war of Independence,
To prove we had the right
To be an independent Nation,
We had to flex our might
They burnt our Nation’s Capital,
While Jackson fought the war
Good thing for Dolly Madison,
She saved a picture and much more

            Drummer Boy

A drummer boy is what I am,
All day I beat the drum
I sound the charge, Advance ,retreat,
Even though I am So young
Around me are the horrors,
My nightmares just begun
Sometimes I wish that I could be,
At home safe with my Mum

             A Prayer

My Brother’s gone to war
in a uniform of gray
And ever since he’s gone away
my Mother’s cried each day
My Husband wears a suit of blue,
I pray they never meet
Until this war is over,
And they come home to me


Screaming sounds from over head,
Dogfights in the air
Bullets whistle all around,
Dirt lands in my hair
Bombs exploding all around,
And here I crouch in fear
Will I ever make it home again,
To those that I hold dear
But I’m the doughboy brave and true,
sent to save the day
I’ll get those Jerry yet you know
and soon be on my way

                 Say Good-bye

We wave good bye as they leave,
our smiles firmly in place
But our hearts are full of anguish,
We hide our tears with haste
They must not know our worries,
That they may not come home
All we can do is pray for them,
And cry our tears alone

I’m off to fight with Hitler
and spit upon his face
And tell him what I think of him
and his superior race
I’m off to fight the Japanese
for their awful crime
They bombed us at Pearl Harbor
and killed a friend of mine
I’m not sure if I’ll make it home
to Mom and apple pie
But I’ll know I’ve done my duty,
I’m an American GI

               The Knock

There came a knock upon the door,
I answered it with dread
Somehow I knew they’d come to tell me
that my Bill was dead
As I walked across the floor
and anguish filled my heart
I remembered all the good times
and the day we had to part
He told he’d come back to me
but some thing told me no
So held him a little tighter
before he had to go
And So My Bill’s a hero
And he’s never coming back
But I will always love him
and try to deal with that

               The Conflicted War

Here is the war that never was,
No one admitted we ever fought,
This was only a conflict they said,
Then how come so many of us are dead,
M.A.S.H. Units fought to save lives,
Back at home they learned the Jive,
So think if us and all we did,
Some of us were only kids.

                   A Bobby Soxer

Rock and Roll was here to stay,
this was the call of our day
We bopped, and hopped, shimmied, and jived,
A frantic pace to our lives,  
We wanted to forget all about war,
It was on some distant shore
The men and women in the news reels,
they just didn’t seem to be real
If we ignored it, it would disappear,
We wouldn’t have to face our fears

               Vietnam’s Tears

We were the soldiers of Vietnam,
To us was done so much harm
Battered and bruised we came back home,
to find our selves all alone
No one acknowledged all we’d done,
they treated us like so much scum
For many years we hid our pain,
And now the tears fall like rain
As we look upon the wall,
at the names of friends that we saw fall
             Flower child’s song

Make love not war, was what we said,
don’t send our boys back to us dead
keep them here safe at home,
They shouldn’t have to war and roam
Across the world, across the sea,
To fight a war that shouldn’t be
So some of us will run away,
So we may live another day
and so we protest, and make love beads,
not to face these shocking deeds

             We are the Soldiers

A soldier’s life is never the same,
it changes day to day
No Longer do I fight,
for just the USA
I am a keeper of the peace,
all around the world
I  am the soldier of Desert Storm,
Men and women too
I’m fighting under my country’s flag,
the red, white, and blue  

Army, Navy, Air Force,
You’ll find us everywhere
Fighting for our country,
on land, on sea, or air
We’re the soldiers of tomorrow,
We’re the soldiers of today
We’ll fight to keep our world safe,
God Bless The USA

© Copyright 2001 Lisa M. Fisher - All Rights Reserved
Dopey Dope
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San Juan, Puerto Rico
1 posted 2001-06-30 02:30 AM

Wow such patriotism! The last line of the last poem said it all. Very well done here. I enjoyed them all.

I was born myself, raised myself, and will continue to be myself. The world will just have to adjust.

I'm in love with my shadow
I admire it daily

Fred Hobbs
since 1999-06-08
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Tallahassee, Florida, US
2 posted 2001-07-03 12:30 PM

I agree, these were terrific!  So many poems and so many sad conflicts.  You did a great job!


Poet deVine
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Hurricane Alley
3 posted 2004-05-30 11:18 AM

Memorial Day bump.
Sweetest Sorrow X
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From a cradle to a casket
4 posted 2004-07-04 05:37 PM

L o v e
       i t

You better count your lucky stars that everything I wish for..doesnt come true

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