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Jeremy Redinger
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since 2001-02-27
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0 posted 2001-03-14 12:56 PM

I wrote this back in december, a year and a half ago. Just one of my views on the subject. Maybe it'll give people a new perspective, maybe it'll encourage people to think of things a little differently... and maybe it'll encourage those who do think a little differently. All in all, that's up to you, the reader. So enjoy

Pre Millenium; Post Thought

At this moment I can sense
That age old question
Of what hasn't come.

It shall come for us,
but not for the generation we create.

The creation will wonder
What was it like
How did it feel to walk through that door?
But we have already felt it.

One sees what one expects to see
And this is no exception.
Inside we all know
Our reaction to this step we are all forced to take.

We desire our reaction.
We are prepared for our reaction.
We fear our reaction.

We know what we swear we do not.
It's been predetermined by our very hearts;
The hearts that knew this day would come.

So what shall we say,
Knowing what we know now
Having expirienced what has only happened once before.
What shall we say to the youth that comes before us.

I shall say that the door was never there,
The step was never taken,
The day was like all other.
Only humanity made it more
And walked through their own imaginary doors,
While I sat at home and welcomed the change
As I have welcomed each day,
Each year before.

I shall say that if you want to feel the new millenium
If you seek it passionately but know it shall never come
Then you know what is not.
Choose a day and celebrate,
The marker was man made,
We are mankind...
So make your day and live it as you would,
The day the clocks turned midnight
And that great ball fell.
Feel the passion, the emotion, and take it with you.
You missed nothing, for you only have to make it your own.
It is real, If you believe it is;
Each day is a millenium later.

Jeremy Redinger '99

© Copyright 2001 Jeremy Redinger - All Rights Reserved
Dopey Dope
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since 2000-08-30
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San Juan, Puerto Rico
1 posted 2001-03-14 01:53 PM

I liked it.....especially the ending of it. Very nicely done.

I was born myself, raised myself, and will continue to be myself. The world will just have to adjust.

I'm in love with my shadow
I admire it daily

Poet deVine
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since 1999-05-26
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Hurricane Alley
2 posted 2001-03-15 09:35 AM

Very interesting concept....
Suzanne Arlene
since 2000-10-09
Posts 377
Ontario, Canada
3 posted 2001-03-16 08:31 PM

I liked that very much . It had very deep thoughts . you actually have to read it twice to grab it all Very good.

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