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0 posted 2000-11-28 11:46 AM

She struggled to get her fleece on,
But those wings just got in her way,
She needed to dress up warmly,
So she could go outside and play.
Pulling her boots on her little feet,
And her hat down over her ears,
She ran out the door in a flurry,
To a choir of sweet angel cheers.
Their halos atilt on their little heads,
As they flew around in the sky,
Giggling as they tumbled about,
A sparkle in each little eye.
Soon some were skiing down rainbows,
And some were skating on stars,
Others were sledding down a hill,
Faster than most earthly cars.
These tiny little cherubs,
With faces all aglow,
Leaving heartprints everywhere,
Called Angels in the snow.

© Copyright 2000 Bonnie Church - All Rights Reserved
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1 posted 2000-11-28 10:27 PM

Yes, I do love good reposts...I get to smile twice as much...thank you...

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2 posted 2000-11-29 02:17 PM

This is such a charming piece! You've created some beautiful winter images here. Thanks for posting (again!).

"Where there is great love there are always miracles" -Cather
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3 posted 2000-11-29 07:10 PM

Thanks for the repost...this was just precious!


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4 posted 2000-11-30 08:24 AM

How sweet! I could not help but feel joy from the vision of the little cherubs skating about on rainbows and stars.
Wonderful poem for the holidays!

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5 posted 2000-11-30 11:17 AM

This is an absolutely charming, sweet poem...perfect for Christmas. Very nice work,


All good poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings...~William Wordsworth

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6 posted 2000-11-30 10:40 PM

What a wonderful poem! A great read!

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7 posted 2000-12-04 01:53 AM

I just adore this poem...


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8 posted 2000-12-05 02:13 PM

I just love watching those little angels in the snow...  such a delightful and fun poem to read.  God Bless You, Bob <><
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9 posted 2000-12-06 04:19 AM

How lovely the image here!
Perfect for Christmas.

Love is the law, love under will.

Elizabeth Santos
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10 posted 2000-12-07 06:55 AM

Very endearing and beautiful poem for the Christmas season

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