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Poet deVine
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Hurricane Alley

0 posted 2000-11-08 07:29 PM

Note: Written as a challege by Mikey Anderson, Michael's son!


Trouble for Santa!

Santa radioed in to say
Christmas Eve wasn’t going well
Two Reindeer had the flu and
Santa slid from a roof and fell

He scared a young child in Boise
Got bitten by a dog in Seattle
He got so flustered he even
Gave a teen in Chicago a rattle!

The Elves decided to give him
A welcome home surprise
They giggled as they built
A sight for poor Santa’s eyes.

Mrs. Claus shook her head in wonder
At the creation she saw in the yard
The Elves worked into the evening
Thinking gift giving was really hard!

Santa warned them he was arriving
As his sleigh came in to land
So every Elf worker rushed outdoors
Greeting Santa with a marching band!

Santa looked down and saw
The welcome sign the Elves had made
Bright lights and glitter adorned it
With silver and gold inlaid

It stood twenty feet into the air
Arched like a rainbow in the sky
And as the sleigh approached the site
Suddenly the Reindeer started to shy

They swerved this way and that way
Throwing Santa to the floor of the sleigh
They bobbed and twirled, got tangled up
Til not one was going the same way.

The Elves, tumbling over each other
Grabbed a trampoline from the shop
Screaming for Santa to jump
Til they heard a horrendous pop!

Santa dove from the sleigh as it landed
On the roof of the workshop shed
And Santa, poor Santa fell
In a snow bank right on his head

Mrs. Clause ran to him quickly
To make sure he was all right
The Elves stood watching in horror
Gasping with horrible fright

Santa rose from the snow slowly
And turned to his Elfin staff
Then suddenly everyone smiled
As Santa began to laugh!

They laughed til their sides hurt
As they gathered the mess they made
Ever after this night was known
As Santa’s Terrible Escapade!

© Copyright 2000 Poet deVine - All Rights Reserved
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1 posted 2000-11-08 07:54 PM

Aw poor Santa...but this poem was cute!


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Suum cuique.

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New York
2 posted 2000-11-08 11:02 PM

I hope Santa had


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Orlando, FL. 32703
3 posted 2000-11-09 01:59 AM

This is really cute ! Enjoyeded the light-heartedness of this story.
Guess we all face a few more challenges around the holidays.  

Cynthia (A Dove) Proctor

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4 posted 2000-11-09 04:29 PM

Such a cute holiday poem!!! Thanks for sharing!  

False gems may shine as brightly as the genuine article, but there are always those who can tell the difference.

Dopey Dope
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5 posted 2000-11-11 03:18 PM

Poor santa! *gasp*
haha....but a very cute poem!

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6 posted 2000-11-11 04:00 PM

Very creative story telling, Sharon! Cute!


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since 2000-05-06
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7 posted 2000-11-12 02:48 AM

PDV, a captivating adorable read...

When my printer gets fixed next week I'll want to print this out and read it to lil one...

For now I'll thread to my library thank you PDV for this read


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8 posted 2000-11-12 09:10 AM

still amazing as always PDV....

glad i stopped by to read some...


Never be a carbon copy of anybody...make your own impressions. - ANON.

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9 posted 2000-11-13 02:51 PM

Ouch, he must be laughing through the pain    This was great

"Disagreements stimulate thought, thought stimulates action, and action stimulates life." --Me!!

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