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0 posted 2000-01-26 09:37 PM

Whats wrong with me

There is something wrong with me
But what I do not know
All I know is I feel pain
Like I have never have before

No matter what I do I feel this way
There is only one way out
Death the end
It makes me grin
But can I carry this deed out

All I leave behind is all this pain I hate
So now I will go
To another place
A happy place
Where pain does not exist at all
One thing to say before I go
I blame it all on you

© Copyright 2000 dk138 - All Rights Reserved
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new orleans
1 posted 2000-01-26 10:07 PM

dk: bitter but intriguing... i'd also say that the speaker in the poem is incredibly selfish in blaming all his/her unknown problems on someone else... sad, but true to life... good work  

jerome the boy with no soul

 A savage place! as holy and enchanted
As e'er beneath a waning moon was haunted
By woman wailing for her demon-lover!

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just about where I want to be
2 posted 2000-01-27 03:13 PM

agreed poetry...couldn't have said it better myself!  

 "Superiority to fate is difficult to learn. 'Tis not conferred by any, but possible to earn"--Emily Dickinson-"Superiority of Fate"

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3 posted 2000-01-27 07:01 PM

Welcome to Passions. I know pain; live with it on a daily basis (refer to Pain in the prose forum). If we do take the road of which you speak where is joy and the happiness that life holds? Where is the beauty of a sun rise and the scent of a rose? Consider well before you make a decision such as this. There are many people who will be left behind to suffer.
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4 posted 2000-01-27 09:45 PM

Welcome to Passions!  We all grow through pain, though the growth may be bitter and protective.  It's something we all have in common too.  A lot of wonderful poets write to express pain.  And yours is among them.  Lovely work.


 "Sometimes stars can only be seen in darkness."

"Sorrow's crown of sorrow is remembering happier things."

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