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0 posted 2000-01-26 04:29 PM

PS: Don't take these too seariously.

1) I stood beside her, looking fine
Although as hopeless as it seems,
She dreamt three years of being mine
My looks had justified her dreams  

Her eyes were burning with a flare
I was the reason for this burning
She gave my chest a hungry stare
And I could understand her yearning

2) The man I see looks like a God
His parents have achieved perfection...
How funny, would you look at that?
I’m staring at my own reflection

3)I could be modest
And reject your praises
But lets be honest
I am the greatest

4) I must confess
I’m blessed with sorrow
As cupid’s arrow
Hit my chest
It fell apart
(No, not my heart--
The cupid’s arrow)

5) (in case you can't figure this one out, it's also about self-love)

How can I love somebody else but thee,
Whose image is reflected in my cup?
For even when my eyes refuse to see,
My dreams displaying thee will never stop!
How can I live abreast of my desire,
And hear that heartbeat echo as my own?
When from within, there burns a sacred fire,
How can I love and be as cold as stone?
Oh, lengthy hours, teach me to ignore,
So I may look upon him with no feeling,
So I may gaze into the cup and not adore
The beauty of the man who’s so appealing.
How must I live against myself opposed?
Consume my pride?—Oh, I’ll be overdosed!

© Copyright 2000 Andrey Kneller - All Rights Reserved
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Ala bam a
1 posted 2000-01-26 04:33 PM

yanno master?...It's tough being great like you and I are isn't it?....I look in the mirror and think of how beautiful the view is....I have to hide my face when I go out into public just to keep the ladies from devouring me?'s a tough life......

(And if any of you believe this, I have a great Yugo for sale....low mileage, only driven by a Pentacostal Preacher's wife back and forth to church)....And if ya buy it now, I'll throw in beachfront property in Tennessee) 555-Toerag

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Boston, MA
2 posted 2000-01-26 05:06 PM

Hey, no advertizing on my poetry!

Yeah, Toe, I feel your pain, women just can't resist us! 'Tis a shame!

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cerritos, california, usa
3 posted 2000-01-26 06:52 PM

comedic poetry.. what a gift!

 Regret for things you did maybe tempered by time, regret for things you Didn't do, however, is inconsolable...

since 1999-06-21
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Florissant, Missouri, USA
4 posted 2000-01-26 10:45 PM

Haha..... Funny.... Dunno bout you guys sometimes. Boys are weird. Cute poems, though.
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Boston, MA
5 posted 2000-01-27 11:51 AM

We're weird? Compared to girls? I don't think so!
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since 1999-12-03
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just about where I want to be
6 posted 2000-01-27 12:53 PM

a couple of narcissus in our midst ladies...(if you know who narcissus is, you know what i'm talking about) and Master...girls are weird, i grant you that...but guys...are there any who aren't???
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since 1999-08-18
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Boston, MA
7 posted 2000-01-27 12:56 PM

You're talking to one, Sweet college girl! and how dare you compare me to that flower? I'm much more handsome! LOL

[This message has been edited by Master (edited 01-27-2000).]

since 1999-12-04
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8 posted 2000-01-27 01:04 PM

HAHAHHAHA! These brought a smile to my face and laughter to my lips.  There's  nothing like the male ego.... ;.)

since 2000-01-14
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9 posted 2000-01-27 03:47 PM

The male ego is nothing compared to mine, so sorry to disappoint you guys.  I know I'm perfect, and not nearly as strange.  So, I hope you can meet your match.  Men aren't nearly as great as me....  Hee, Hee!
~Kristi Lynn

 "Sometimes people care too much. I think it's called love." -Winnie the Pooh

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Boston, MA
10 posted 2000-01-27 03:54 PM

Vreni, glad that you enjoyed this one.

Angel, you're might be an angel, but trust me, your ego is nowhere to being as great as mine! But I love people who think highely of themselves!

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Lindsay,Oklahoma US
11 posted 2000-01-28 06:24 AM

You know when I read these poems I thought of my brother who stands infront of a mirror 24/7.  You know master you remind me of him.  Your ego and everything.  Great poems though.  They did also bring laughter to my lips and a smile to my emotionless face.  Thanx for brighting my day!

 ~¤Always look to the
sunrise and you'll never
see the shadows¤~Anee

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In an upside-down garden
12 posted 2000-01-28 08:18 AM

Ha Ha, very funny. (I mean it) Your poems are very funny and true. But guys aren't the only ones with big heads. Us women have that too. Yes, we may be a bit strange, but who isn't strange in this world?

 Loves may seem forgotten, but the true will once shine through.

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13 posted 2000-01-28 06:34 PM

Nice poems.....very cute  
Just don't spend too much time in front of a mirror, you never know what'll happen. Don't be so modest next time.


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North Carolina
14 posted 2000-01-28 08:01 PM

Ha ha, very funny. Why do guys think they are so cute? Girls in general are cuter, and when one looks as good as me, then maybe poetry ought to be devoted to praising the subject. But I'm a very modest person, so I won't elaborate. nice work
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since 1999-08-18
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Boston, MA
15 posted 2000-01-28 08:44 PM

Poetic Dreams, I not really like that! Like an actor a poet has to explore many roles.

Allysa, that depends on how you define strangeness. We're all strange and crazy to some point.

Salooma, what I might turn into a flower? (you know the story of what's his name-- Narcissus?)

And LyricFetish, I totally agree with you (at least on the part that poetry should be devoted to praising women) and I do very often. I don't know who's cuter in general, but individual-wise, no girl can compare with my cutisness. (I know that;s not a word, but it should be) (now wasn't that cute?)

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16 posted 2000-01-29 01:37 AM

I didn't mean guys were that cute. I meant that it was a cute way of saying it....maybe "cute" wasn't a great word. Women are definatly more deserving ofcourse, but it's nice to think that a guy could be that hung up on himself. Oh and no you'd turn into a monster sooner or later  


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17 posted 2000-01-29 08:18 AM

There's a greek myth, that a person was staring at his reflection in the lake for so long that he turned into a flower. I don't know about a monster but that's what I was refering to.
since 2000-01-24
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el paso
18 posted 2000-01-29 05:43 PM

your mirror must be huge to fit a view of a head as big as yours. cute though.

 Love isn't a miracle in life, the miracle of life is love.

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19 posted 2000-01-29 06:52 PM

I do have a big mirror, and my head (the one that's on my shoulders) is not huge! I didn't mean what I wrote here, I just wrote it for fun!
since 1999-08-25
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20 posted 2000-01-29 09:14 PM

Your poems master are cute and funny. I was glad to see something like this. You can't always have sad and love poems. You have to lighten it up sometimes.


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Boston, MA
21 posted 2000-01-29 10:45 PM

Thank you Isa, it's nice to have someone that understand me!
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