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just about where I want to be

0 posted 2000-01-26 02:24 PM

Times he's helped me
Only one person could say
Every time he replied to a poem
Reminded me of how sweet he is
Again I thank him, and also I
Give him a big hug for being so kind

Thanks Toerag, for the sweet poem you wrote on your reply. It was really sweet!  

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Ala bam a
1 posted 2000-01-26 03:05 PM

Yanno sweetie...I've noticed that not many "teens" respond to poems here like us "older" folks do on the other boards.....I think alot of kids express themselves real honestly...and think more of their own problems than that of others....or, at least of their own problems?...That's not a bad thing nor a good thing....just human nature for the age.....I think you're a very talented young lady...I'm an untalented dirty old man..LOL...but I love kids, I have a teen, or, at least he's twenty but still acts like a kid...and I have an eleven year old daughter that I wish I could convince her to be a nun....(and we're not Catholic either)...but I will chaperone her honeymoon if at all me, kids are wonderful...I was a real hellion as a teen, gave my parents fits...the teachers were at my house more than I was at school....afterward, when I was supposed to grow older and wiser, I went to work with the Allman Brothers band, and I got worse!!! LOL...but, now that I'm much older, wiser, (and still crazy as hell and still a whole lot like a teen)...I love to see what you kids are thinking and doing these days)....and yanno what?....You kids haven't changed a bit since I was...Same concerns, same hurts, same outlook and worries. But yanno what gal?....It all comes together sooner or later..and all of ya will someday know what your parents thoughts and concerns are and why.....You seem to be a great gal.....all ya gotta do is think!  And remember..ya got your whole life in front of ya....Don't rush it at all..Love, Sex, money, and all that stuff that seems so important the very least of any concern all comes in time....and it's so much better when you're really ready for it....I used to think the most important thing to me was gettin' rich and gettin' in bed with some gal....but yanno what?....When ya get older, ya find out that it's the least important thing in a relationship.....There are alotta poor people out there that are happy as can be...Sex will always be around...but true love, committment and trust are very rare....and when ya find've found wealth!......You be good now ya hear?
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new orleans
2 posted 2000-01-26 07:43 PM

scg: very touching... it's good to see that someone still appreciates other's efforts... and i'd like to second what toerag said (though i doubt it makes much difference whether i do or not)... beautiful poem  

jerome the boy with no soul

 A savage place! as holy and enchanted
As e'er beneath a waning moon was haunted
By woman wailing for her demon-lover!

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