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since 1999-12-02
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Fredonia, NY USA

0 posted 2000-01-21 11:23 PM

Ok...this is really kind of rough...I've done no editing I guess it's exactly what I'm trying to say in grandfather passed away

You hear about it every day
In the news, on tv, from friends
In the unspoken silences
The mere thought sends a shutter through us all
But its presence is undeniable
As it itself is inevitable
And although it brings those around it pain and suffering
Sometimes, it is for the best

Death is always there
Looming before us
We fear it every day
And it enters our unconscious world each night
But we shouldn't have fear
There is a reason for dying
Perhaps a whole new world awaits us
Or maybe its just time
But when it happens, it will be alright, and we will understand

Yes at times
Death may make mistakes
And our loved ones may be taken by an untimely sudden death
But this time, the moment was now
And I suppose I will understand
And move on, and survive, as we all must.
Until then's ok for me to cry.

© Copyright 2000 Sarah Goldstein - All Rights Reserved
since 2000-01-19
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Massachusetts ~USA~
1 posted 2000-01-21 11:54 PM

Sweetie, it's ok for you to cry when ever you feel like it. It will ALWAYS help, and so won't the writing.   My father came across a sudden death 9-27-98. I"M STILL coping with it. It's very hard, but I'm geting by. If you EVER need someone to talk to who can really understand. I'm here for you. E-mail me anytime you'd like. Or if you just want, I can just listen too. Chin up. hon.  

"A true friend will always stay a friend
whether or not you feel as though the friendship or relationship is about to end."

since 1999-12-02
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2 posted 2000-01-22 12:27 PM

Such a powerful and serious piece.  For the first draft, I think this was great. I really like the phrase you said in the second stanza. "But we shouldn't have fear, There is a reason for dying."  This is so true.  I must say, this is one of the best works I have seen you post yet to date.  Great job and I send you my condolences on your Grandfathers death.
since 1999-12-02
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Fredonia, NY USA
3 posted 2000-01-22 12:55 PM

Thank you both for your responses.  I really appreciate it...and Jer, if I ever get around to doing another draft, i'll be sure to send it along to you.  

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4 posted 2000-01-22 02:45 PM

My grandfather passed away Feb. 12th 1999.  I wrote so many poems expresing how I felt. I think it's the best way. You poem was touching and I can relate with you. I think it's a great poem. Just keep expressing your feelings and you'll have even more.

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Ontario, Canada
5 posted 2000-01-22 04:59 PM

My thoughts and prayers are with you. Death is a difficult thing to handle but you have the right idea. I have no grandparents left but when my grandmothers passed on I wrote poetry for the funerals. This helped me to look back on my life with them and the joy we shared. Loosing a loved one is painful because they are no longer physically present in our lives. They will never be truely gone because everyone we love leaves foot prints on our hearts. There is a part of each of them inside of us. If you need anything that I can offer please feel free to contact me.

For now I extend to you a cyber (((((((HUG)))))))

since 1999-12-02
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Fredonia, NY USA
6 posted 2000-01-22 07:48 PM

Thank you everyone once again for your kind words.  Now I have kind of a favor to ask.  My mother has asked me if I wanted to read or say something at the service.  I think that as I'm kind of an aspiring poet, reading a poem would be appropriate...however I really haven't written anything that I could read tomorrow.  So I'm wondering if anyone has anything that they have written that would be appropriate for reading at my grandfather's funeral.  If you do...could you please email it to me ASAP. ( Thank you all very much again for your thoughts.  It really helps to know how many friends I have.

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7 posted 2000-01-22 08:01 PM

Great poem! I'm so sorry about your grandfather. One of mine died before I was born, and the other passed away when I was five. I still miss him sometimes, and I wish we could have had more time together. Cherish the time you had with your grandpa! And it IS ok to cry, but don't get swallowed by grief... your grandfather wouldn't want that, I'm sure.

 "To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world"

since 1999-12-04
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8 posted 2000-01-22 09:54 PM

Ohhhh Sars! I'm SOOO sorry! I'm going to call you right now, okay?  :.(  This poem is great, it really expresses emotion..I'm just sorry the inspiration had to be one of such pain...just as you said to me....writing helps ease the pain.  I send my condolences and more.....  :Hug :

since 1999-12-02
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Fredonia, NY USA
9 posted 2000-01-23 09:07 PM

Thank you both and everyone once again.  If you haven't read my last message, please read it now.  I'm still looking for a poem to read...and if anyone has written one, or even if you know of one that is appropriate, please send it along.  The memorial service was today, and the funeral on tuesday, so I still have soem time to look.  Thanks again!

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