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Teen Poetry #2
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Artur Hawkwing
since 1999-06-30
Posts 444

0 posted 1999-10-11 03:50 AM

It was summer, the sun burning high in the sky,
the wood porch in the back was high, on the second floor,
a table and umbrella were there and I was sitting,
thinking peacefully and in silence,
the birds were sweeping the sky, making afternoon shadows,
the clouds slowly drifted past, the winds were soft;
I was reading the series Wheel of Time,
it was 8:30 a.m. and yet I was not tired,
nobody was in the house but me, and I looked
at the yard that I mowed last evening, for my mom,
all was beautiful and green and growing-
the wind softly blowing past me gave me chills
because of summer camp at Eberly Farms,
where I had worked with deaf children,
and how I had fallen in love with someone-
to the extent that I couldn't speak.
Then my thoughts turned, and the sun was rising,
the sunrays tearing the horizons like a sky orb burning,
and the sunlight hurt my eyes as it reflected off the book,
so I decided to go to the store to get a few things
for I was going to see a friend that day.
So with the car keys I drove to the store,
bought some gatorade and gum and candy,
and drove back home, feeling entirely refreshed
by the strawberry kiwi gatorade that I consider my favorite,
and I was feeling very strong
from the running I had been doing…
but at that instant I felt a loneliness hit me,
for I missed the laughter at summer camp
and the kids who smiled at me and asked me questions.
The last day, they had a dunking booth,
and all the kids picked the volunteer workers they wanted to dunk,
I chose the director of the camp to be dunked,
and got her twice so it was pretty funny,
then this girl comes up and says to me,
"I am going to dunk you!" as I walked to the dunking booth
and sat on that white board, laughing at her
telling her that she couldn't dunk me…
then I fell, and the hose water was so cold!
But later in the afternoon the group goes swimming,
I lose my left contact while swimming,
then drive back home and in the mirror I check,
and hit pure pupil while trying to find the contact,
so back to the eye doctor it is!

As camp is done, I feel a little down knowing
there is nothing to do…
so instantly I get on the computer
play the game Might and Magic VII,
and within two weeks, the game is done,
I feel tired, my mind is spinning,
my face is pale with weariness from the addiction,
for I had nothing better to do,
and I remember those nights I stayed up
till 6 a.m. constantly playing the game without stop…
thinking, "Why can't I get a job? My mom is moving,
and I do not have enough time for a job…"
I get addicted to Passions in Poetry next,
a second addiction and I feel a little unusual
because I have not run in a month,
I have not socialized with my family much,
and I have forgotten to call my friends;
a beautiful summer turns tragic
as I can not find anything else to do,
then after leaving Passions in Poetry for a month,
I feel full of energy and wake up early again
but then I come to college on August 28th,
and for two weeks I go to the Student Life Center everyday
to run miles and play basketball with my friends-
then fatigue hits me for two days straight
I can barely walk without feeling like falling,
and I take what I believe was a break,
and start writing to Passions in Poetry again.
All of a sudden the addiction reaches out
and takes me by the throat
and my body degenerates as I sit at the computer
hours without end, weeks without end,
I drift away from my friends
and lose my consistent e-mail habits;
now, another friend icqs me, asking me to get on UO,
which is Ultima Online, an online role-playing game,
where a medieval world is in the making-
he is my long-time friend and he has found a great guild
and asks me to come back to the game,
so I say OK, I will try and see how I like it.
Now, I am addicted to UO and not Passions in Poetry anymore…
and this is the burning question…
why are all of those addictions on the computer?
I could drop this computer out the window
and all my present addictions would be sabotaged,
as the computer lies a electrifying heap on the ground;
alas, my computer is required for school work
because almost 100% of my English homework
is done on a web site,
and also I need e-mail and aim and icq
to keep in touch with my family and friends.
I am frustrated with the addictions,
the addictions are those which require constant attention.
I have two words: help me!

[This message has been edited by Artur Hawkwing (edited 10-11-1999).]

© Copyright 1999 Artur Hawkwing - All Rights Reserved
Paul Hoekman
since 1999-12-28
Posts 382
Harwinton Ct. U>S>A>
1 posted 2000-03-02 08:14 PM

WOW quite the novel!
Well Artur I've had my share of addictions
and I don't think you should worry too much
about this one as long as you stay away from the other ones.

Forum My Refocus
Headed out into the world
compass in my hand
boots on my feet
pack on my back
thumb in the air
and acres and acres of changing land.

Itt's me who's really changing
the land really stays the same.
So long like a jagged cliff
overhanging a mist filled ragging gorge
now a field of golden wheat
blowing in a summer breeze
ever since being born again.

But I've been downloading to an upgrade
scandisk then defrag
deleting every cookie
clogging up my hard drive
surfing into the sunset
but not on a board
and feeling I'm being pulled away
by technology from my Lord.

Since I've found your forum
you've brought me back to focus
the WORD will always be
more powerful than
this machine that sits before us.

Artur Hawkwing
since 1999-06-30
Posts 444
2 posted 2000-03-14 09:28 PM

Hey Paul,
    The poem is much appreciated. I do remember that I used to be able to live without computers, but that was before I knew computers. We can't change the land, but we can change ourselves.

and feeling I'm being pulled away
by technology from my Lord.

How true. Thank you

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