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Teen Poetry #2
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0 posted 1999-10-10 02:49 AM

My lip is shaking and my voice is sighing.
Sighing out the world.
Crying out the world.
I have seen those days of heartache.
I have felt the worse.
This is pain is an excruciating curse.
I lye here on my bed and sob.
I wish it were my death bed sometimes.
I am trying to do better and I thought I was succeeding.
Perhaps some may never be forgiven.
I can't cope but I must.
There is everything thats anything, pounded in my face.
Every possible pain is polished and all I can do it take it in, and swallow it.
I am sick of choking on it.
So that's what I get for fixing my mistakes.
One sin is all it takes.
This torture is endless.
Make me feel guiltless.
Let me feel your light that I haven't felt for so long.
Take me back and love me; no longer prolong.
Please put your arms around me and let me feel your peace.
Cause these torturous tears to siece.


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Paul Hoekman
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1 posted 2000-03-02 07:31 PM

Pain, Oh what Pain I feel through
your writing excrutiating yet so well
written it is borderline beautiful.
You've put so much into this
I can feel your release of it
and that healing has already begun.

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