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0 posted 2000-06-03 09:45 PM

Okay, more junky poetry from the Queen of Horrid Poetry.... lol.  Indeed, I don't think I've written a truly passable piece in quite some time. Oh well, sorry!

Hark! Look! Arriving soon is another you!
Maybe this mask will reveal the person true
Impression of now, soon your spots shall change,
A chameleon's fate, fearful of all things strange.
Aye, this lizard, you mimic and become
Your true emotions and authentic voice dumb.
A mirror of your current companion you are
Fabricated feelings, all smiles thus far
Hark! I spy a reflection, but is I, mine own,
You have morphed into me, all that I've known
How does one discern who the real person is?
For once, could I hear what the inner being says?
Alas, I cannot, for your mind is unwilling,
Egoism a concept foreign, terrifying and chilling
You lock up yourself, afraid it might escape,
And phobicly build up the bars, protect it from rape
Instead, from other's tales you craft your own story,
Self-instill their struggles, triumphs and glory.
A change here, molding your life into what others see,
A change there, becoming only what they want you to be.
Echoing laughter at jokes that you truly despise,
Incessant restructuring and internal compromise.
This is your life, rather that of your friends,
At the moment, mine own through a looking lens.
Alas, when all's done, you I cannot blame
After all, you and I are now exactly the same.

© Copyright 2000 peanogrl83 - All Rights Reserved
Jeremy Halstead
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Morris, Ill. U.S.A
1 posted 2000-06-04 05:33 AM

That's a pretty uniquine type topic...which is good.  Poetry wouldn't make much sense if everybody had the same thing to say.  Excellent orginazation of your thoughts.  If that is poor writing, I'd really like to read your better stuff.  Good job(of course).


since 1999-12-04
Posts 202

2 posted 2000-06-04 12:38 PM

Thanks, Jeremy! lol.  Indeed, it's not the usual love or forlorn loss thereof topic that many poets seemingly endlessly write of ......(I kind of have a hate relationship with love right now - if it's not going to share any time with me, why should I devote my poetry to it? lol j/k)  No, but this is indeed about someone in my life, and the trouble I have with those unable to express their own individuality. Thanks again for replying!

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