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Teen Poetry #2
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Matchstick McGee
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Austin, Texas

0 posted 2000-06-01 02:57 PM

     I should probably post this in the Spirituality board, but I'm a teen, so there.

Breath quickens
Heart pounds
A cry

The Darkness swiftly rides!
To surround the infant,
Blind it!
Keep from it the sight of Good,
Bind it!

And as it grows to early age,
Tie it inexorably to the Dark!
The chaotic miasma of the foggy Dark
The slimy tendrils of the creeping Dark
The frosty needles of the freezing Dark
The iron hands of the despairing Dark
They bar it from the Truth.
As it grows into maturity
They eat away at this human
To harden its heart to hate
To tear and tatter its soul
To make it falter and stumble
And yet as it grows old and weak
It presses on through its pitiful existence
Though blinded by Dark
Though frozen, suffering,
Desperate, confused
All its life it searches
Through the fog and the cold
It gropes for Good
For a Light that it cannot see
And follows the best that it can

Breathing shallows
Heart rests

The Darkness quickly rides!
For it does not end in Death!
They surround the dead one,
To carry it off to eternal torment,

The spirit shakes and quivers in fear
At the army of devils before it
But something changes in the air
The daemons leave off their howling
They hold still, hardly daring to breathe
The spirit feels itself lifted gently up
The Dark's ties to it are brushed away
The pain, the suffering, the blindness are gone
It sees the Dark for what it really is
It sees life for what it really is
It sees Truth for what it really is
The free soul turns to look at its rescuer
And sees God

The Darkness swiftly rides
The Light is always there

Feedback is welcome.


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1 posted 2000-06-01 09:03 PM

Matchstick, this is a wonderful, well-written poem. It's a beautiful decription of the darkness there is without truth and God's light. I loved this! I especally like how you represent birth and death.

 "We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars." -Oscar Wilde

Lucius Cade
since 2000-03-23
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2 posted 2000-06-02 12:19 PM

Ah yes, although I may disagree with your thoughts on after life, I enjoyed this poem very much.

 Lucidity is the answer to all problems

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navwin » Archives » Teen Poetry #2 » The Darkness Swiftly Rides

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