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Somewhere, between here and there

0 posted 2000-05-26 10:31 PM


It was my freshman year, the height of my life
I had finally found someone to share my cold lonely nights,
No longer so cold and lonely…

Your were my first true love, nothing to fake
I could die in your embrace
Oh, for the race of our hearts to pound against my ears once again

But I stand here, hollow
Impossible to follow, this is the last hurdle,
Its all ending

Our love? As sure as the stars in the sky
Our hearts? Were never to part
Our destiny? As restless as the night breeze

I see you in the hall and you’d kiss me with a smile,
Did either of us, all this while, have a care?
So far removed from reality, in our world, so serene, so blind

In truth, it was sublime indeed, to hold in my arms,
Completely at mercy to your sweet charms
Nothing could reach me their, in our world

My anger cooled, extinguished by this, this love, so enveloping
Nothing for you to fear, I was always here.  Never groping for release
Truth be known, I never forgot you, never will

So as I sit, so far removed from my life,
Once again cold and lonely nights,
I dream of the implicit life we might have had

Fate is sick, that much have I proved,
I knew the second we moved,
Oh, what a fool I was to think I could forget you,

Green eyes still pierce my dreams,
Forbidden jewels are they, now that the miles separate us
Anger returns, enraged from its long captivity, searching for release.

No peace, not without you, first and true.
A funny thing about life, it always has a new surprise.  Surprise!, she is going out with my best friend!  Oh well, its probally better this way, there both happy, hell, for all i know the tricky jerk had it planned the whole time.  Well, i forgave him, she such a wonderful person, i couldn't possibly dream of keeping her from him, not like i could, some 250 miles away...Thanks for reading.

"A pity she won't make it, but then again, who does"

"Blade Runner"  

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1 posted 2000-05-27 01:14 AM

this is truly heartwrenching!  I am so sorry that this had to hapen to such a nice person like you.  It will take time, don't worry, eventually your heart will be mended together  & it will all be better.  I know at this point in time it seems it won't but it only takes time, and you'll get through it trust me!!  Besides there is a person meant for you out there, this is god's way of telling you she wasn't it. Nice poem!!!  Congrats!
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2 posted 2000-05-27 07:24 AM have really explained to us the heartbreak you feel through these lines. I loved it, but it's so sad that you've lost the love in your life. Truthfully, if she wasn't true 250 miles away, then you should find someone else out there, because she's not worth your pain. Take care...


 "Not all the answers lie within your realm or mine, they lie within the borders."

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