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0 posted 2000-05-24 11:16 PM

As a few of you know i wrote a poem about a little boy i babysit named Seth.  He was hit by a car and in ICU.  Hes only 13 months old and I am happy to announce that he is doing a whole lot better.  He is still in ICU just to be careful but i felt like I should let you guys know how he is.  Here is my new poem.

I walk into your room,
I don't know what I'll see.
Then I look at you and smile,
cuz you looked right back at me.

Your eyes full of life,
your eyes full of food.
We can tell by your glimer,
your in a good mood.

The wires disappeared,
the tubes, they ran away.
You're looking so good,
you're improving everyday.

Your little fingers wiggle,
your little toes too.
I told you you'd get better,
I told you cuz i knew.

I knew that you were strong,
I knew that you'd pull through.
I knew you'd fight it all the way,
I knew because you had to.

Your flames still burning brightly,
it never will go out.
We knew it from the beginning,
We knew it without a doubt.

It's time for your homecoming,
we can hardly wait.
It's gonna be a big huge party,
come on, help set the date!!!

If you guys jave any suggestions for a title please tell me!!!

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1 posted 2000-05-25 01:14 AM

Heya Heather!

I glad that little Seth is doing so much better, i'm sure he'll grow up to be an surperb person.  Hmm, a title...well the first one was called "Seth" right?  Hmm, i guess "Seth2" would be kinda lame....  A poem this good needs a surpassing title    Hows about "Twinkle Twinkle, litte star"?  Ah, that might be a result of all the Nightquill i just took (that stuff 10% alcohol!!!!), so feel free to discard it.  

"So long ago, i dont remember when
thats when they said i lost my only friend,
Well they said she died of a broken heart disease
I listen through the cemetary trees"

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2 posted 2000-05-27 08:04 AM

This is so cute...but that's the saddest thing that happened to the little boy, seth. I really glad he was strong enough to surpass it, and his family too. Excellant writing.


 "Not all the answers lie within your realm or mine, they lie within the borders."

Matchstick McGee
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3 posted 2000-05-27 09:09 AM

I love this poem! My little brother had problems during pregnancy and was born a month early weighing less than 4 pounds with breathing problems. That time in ICU, especialy just after he was born, was really difficult for the whole family. Now, however, he's an energetic little boy... he's trying to sing along with Blue's Clues as I type. Give my best to Seth, I hope he continues to pull through!


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4 posted 2000-05-27 03:43 PM

Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers!!  Seth and I appriciate it a lot~~I'll keep everyone posted about how he is doing!!


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