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Teen Poetry #2
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From the first time that I met you,
though we talked just awhile,
I knew I found a new friend
by the way you made me smile

You're always gracious and full of happiness.
Always sure to show nothing but politeness.
You're always ready for anything, showing no fear.
You have a few gloomy days but I've never seen a tear.

Always being honest and sometimes your audacious.
You, like rare diamond are, oh so very precious.
You're the most loyal person I've ever known.
You, yourself deserve to be enthroned.

You don't always speak,
because sometimes you don't know what to say,
but with me that is always ok, you just being there
makes it seem as if someone really does care.

I respect and I admire you, you're the most unique person I've met.
Your always willing to listen, the best listener yet
If on any day I carry a frown, you're the one able to turn it completely around.

You may think you've done nothing, but that's not true.
You've opened my eyes and shown me the world in a different point of view.
You've helped me to succeed in things I've wanted to,
I could go on forever, but I would use all the paper in the world if I continued.

You share your thoughts and words with me,
and they truly do help me to understand.
I try to thank you but I feel I can't, for it would take an eternity.
All I can really do is when in need, lend you a helping hand.

You've helped me in situations, when I didn't know what to do.
When in sorrow, you're the one I feel I can turn to.
Your words I often borrow, and I always believe,
I have no reason not to, because honestly, I trust you.

Although you live so far away,
your heart you always lend,
I know you may not stay,
but still I consider you a good friend.

© Copyright 2000 silygrl498 - All Rights Reserved
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1 posted 2000-05-19 09:47 PM

This is a very nice poem! I am sure that a lot of us can relate to this.  I am looking forward to more of your poems.


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