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0 posted 2000-05-11 07:27 PM

up until this time,
these thoughts running through my mind,
still i know,
that someone i did find,
but i can't let it show,
the way i feel inside,
yet i need to let her know,
i can't hide this like befor

its hard to say,
what you think,
despite what you know,
it's not easy to say,
i've tried harder then befor,
i won't let her walk away,
no matter how bad,
i want to let her know,
it's hard for me,
i cant hide this anymore

the way i think of you,
my thoughts i want you to know,
the way you think of me,
and if this is love,
why is it so hard to show

why is it so hard,
to say what i feel,
after all this time,
i think you know,
what i try to hide,
i know you seen inside of me,
its time that this is said,
befor you walk away

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Somewhere, between here and there
1 posted 2000-05-11 09:59 PM

Great poem,

Yes, it is hard to share emotions with others, maybe because you feel like they'll reject you if you do.  But trust in the fact that you regret more the things you didn't do more than the things you have done.  Tell her what you feel, afterall you only live once, by all means, ENJOY IT!

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2 posted 2000-05-12 12:43 PM

Well what can i say i thiought that girls were the only one who felt that some times it is neat to hear the other end nice writing keep it up!!

 Lane C.

Lucius Cade
since 2000-03-23
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3 posted 2000-05-12 02:26 PM

Hey brendon, I think I like this one the best out of the three I have read of yours. Scared to say something, scared not to say something.....I know how you feel.

 Lucidity is the answer to all problems

the dark angel
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4 posted 2000-05-12 02:27 PM

that's an amazing poem. I can really relate to that feeling when you know it's over but yu won't let it go. Great writing, strong and simple.
the dark angel

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