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0 posted 2000-05-02 10:24 AM

I love you.
I know you can't accept this now,
You want to find love in a "new" and "sensational" way,
But the truth is that I love you
And I will, always.
I can't escape from it.
At times I can suppress these feelings,
Tell myself I have moved on,
But the sight of your face brings them rushing,
Back into my heart.
And I know my heart.
It is such a fragile part of me,
And quite uncontrollable.
Do you think I've enjoyed those times,
When I've been alone with you lately?
Yes, I have laughed,
You've always been able to make me laugh,
But those moments are tearing me apart inside.
I lie awake at night in agony,
Having gone from your company into desolation,
From ecstasy into deepest Hell.
I feel as if my very soul has been ripped out of me,
Cast far beyond my reach.
What more could I have done to keep you here,
With me?
I gave you so much more than my love,
I gave you my spirit, all that I am and ever will be.
Now I am incomplete, hollw,
Atrophying without these parts of my self, my humanity.
What did you expect,
A fairytale?
To live happily ever after?
That kind of "love" is false,
It is superficial and unreal.
True love is forever, eternal,
True love will make you happier than the richest king,
Hurt you more than all other arrows life throws your way.
Love is the only reality in this caotic you can trust.
It will never abandon you.
And love has not abandoned me.
I live in love every day,
My love for you has become a part of me,
Filling this void in my I have inside,
Where you used to be.
But I wish now that love would leave me.
I wish it would release me from its bonds,
So I can be free again.
I hate that I love you,
I hate being with you,
And feeling my blood pulsing through my body,
Feeling light-headed,
Seeing a future that will never be behind your eyes.
I don't know which is worse,
To live forever without falling in love,
Or to live forever in love with a person who you cannot have.
I remember what it felt like to hold your hand,
To have your arms around me,
To kiss you with all the passion and innocence I have within me.
You were not a mistake.
I was made to love you.
I cannot be real without you.
I love your independence,
Your words, your mind.
It is this love, this constant emotion,
That will break me in the end.
I will be consumed by my hunger for you,
My longing for your heart.
But I have to tell you this,
I can no longer carry this burden alone,
This hopeless romance.
I love you, my darling.
I will never forget you,
Your shadow will always cover my heart.
But I can never see you again.

 *There is no destination where we are
Please take me somewhere far
Far away from this world of mine*
(by me)

[This message has been edited by LyricFetish (edited 05-03-2000).]

© Copyright 2000 Meredith - All Rights Reserved
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