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Teen Poetry #2
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0 posted 2000-04-29 11:59 AM

Her eyes stare blankly at the page
filling her with uncontrolable rage.
She is brought back to so long ago
twisting and turning throughout the sorrow.

She walks solemnly through the dim corridor
not quite sure where, but she knows she is searching for something more.
The floor seems so soft along her feet
dragging quietly, whom shall she meet?

The lights so suddenly brighten
her eyes flicker and inside her body seems frightened.
She continues to saunter along,
knowing this journey will lead her to that song.

And oh! The sound fills the hallway
sending lightening throughout her, causing her to fly away.
It softens so quietly, like waves rolling back out to sea.
She folds her hands, and sends a quiet word to the One who always listens to her pleas.

The sound continues to build, stronger and more powerful.
What is this? Who is here? She is forced to cower.
It fills her brain, more aggressive now, throbbing, forcing
her to need someone to protect her under a sheltered wing.

She cannot hear her thoughts anymore
only that sound filling her to the core.
She becomes dizzy now, falling to the floor
she wonders who will save her, save her once more.  

© Copyright 2000 **Angel** - All Rights Reserved
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Floating gently on a cloud....
1 posted 2000-04-29 04:52 PM

Er...neither am I!! Explanation please!! Sorry if I seem moronic in asking like this but I would like to know what inspired this and what it means!

Love and hugs,

 "Poetry is the true expression of my soul, it is my ultimate means of communication. It is my rainbow of delight."

son of man
since 2000-04-25
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2 posted 2000-04-29 08:25 PM

good poetic expression!
eerie, like a high, or hallucination.
i was really drawn in!


since 2000-03-31
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3 posted 2000-04-30 11:55 AM

You know what Lizzie? I have no idea what this is supposed to mean or how I was inspired. I was sitting in Chemistry class and I just starting writing..playing with words you know? It turned out to be this.
I guess it has to be open for interpretation.
I want this poem to be the kind that is read and then the reader sits back and says..

"Whoa, I have to read it again. I just don't get it!"
I think the reader will eventually pick up some meaning.
I can't help you on this one Lizzie! Just listen to what your first thoughts tell you I guess!!



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4 posted 2000-04-30 11:57 AM

And to son of man...

That is exactly the reaction I was looking for.
Thank you for enjoying it!


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5 posted 2000-04-30 05:45 PM

I don't know the meaning behind this, but when I read it it reminds me of some days at school, where even though you are surrounded by people, you have this haunting feeling you are alone.  People tell me I'm just crazy, but I think there is a certain amout of crazy in everyone, perhaps that is where this poem came from: that side of a person that needs to be exspressed but rarely gets out...I liked your poem, in an odd way I can relate...

 "Here I stand I can do none other"---Luther

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6 posted 2000-05-01 03:06 PM

Hi Bulletproof

Thank you for responding to my poem. I understand the way that you feel. I am glad this poem stirred some emotions inside of you. I can totally relate to what you are talking about.  


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7 posted 2000-05-01 07:39 PM

i think of a girl who has been to an orphnaage, or is walking to meet the other girls and oys in the orphanage, and the she is filled with rage as she was obandened by her parents, and at the start she was filling in her page for enrollment at the orphanage??? i dunno....thats what i imagined!
Love Mel

since 2000-03-31
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8 posted 2000-05-03 04:02 PM


Wow, that is a great interpretation. I never really thought of it that way. I was in one of my classes at school and the words just kept popping into my head and that's what I have!!
Your interpretation is great..I am speechless.


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9 posted 2000-05-03 11:16 PM

I'm clueless on the meaning, but it's expression is wonderful. I wrote a poem that was about a dream of my father, and  it totally made no sense!!! Hey I'm going to bump it up. The whole ryhming scheme is all off, and th words are jumbled up, but it's interesting. LOL!  

"A true friend will always stay a friend
whether or not you feel as though the friendship or relationship is about to end."

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10 posted 2000-05-05 05:22 PM

Hi Steph,

This is actually the first poem I wrote that ryhmed. I am not a big fan of ryhming poetry for some reason..probably because I can't do it! LOL
But, I just decided to try it and this is what I came up with. It's a little too weird..I think I will go back to my normal writing.  

Thanks anyways!

Yu Lan
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11 posted 2000-05-05 09:07 PM

mmm.. interesting.. yeah, sorry.. hehe, I have no idea what it is about.. aah, it is.. although seemingly about nothing, quite good use of words.. to portray what, i am not sure, but I think I like it.. apart from the elusive meaning. *_^


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