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Teen Poetry #2
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0 posted 2000-04-25 09:15 PM

During August the streets were fired.  One hot day my mind was wired.  Seemed impossible to be tired.  Then I remembered the haunted woods were near.
As I walked so close to running, I heard the feet of someone comming and the voice of someone humming right next to my ear.
By force of adrenaline I turned around, but saw no footprints on the ground, just the leaves of green and brown.  It must be the wind I hear.
Now so swiftly my heart's racing. Can't pick out which way I'm facing.  Like a lion as it's chasing the helpless little deer.
I closed my eyes in hopes to wake.  Breathing air I wished was fake.  This evil place I hope to forsake.  My mind so frightened, far from clear.
The trees so violently swaying as if a deadly game they're playing.  Talking to eachother saying, "Fill this young girl's soul with fear."
I tell myself I'm not believing, doing this and not achieving, knowing that I won't be leaving.  Suddenly a light appeared.
I tried to look but it was too bright.  Eyes half closed making weak my sight.  I did see something take to flight, but with eyes half closed I coudln't see clear.
I felt hatered all around me.  I thought for sure that Hell had found me.  Maybe nothing, I thought dumbfoundedly.  Again the voice I could hear.
This time softly speaking as if slowly creeping, creeping in my weaping mind.  Dancing in and out my ear.
Spoke the voice, "Cross my heart, hope to die, now's the time for you to cry." Running, Running I did try.  I got far, but, the voice was still near.
Around in circles I was turning.  All the heat inside me burning.  For peace of mind I was yurning.  Still I felt a silent jeer.
Fear deeper than the Atlantic, rushing in causing panic, going crazy acting frantic. On the face there was a sneer.
Spoke the voice, "Better cross your heart and hope you'll die.  Bloody tears you'll now cry." Running, Running I did try. I got far, but, the voice was still near.
The horrid face was now laughing.  On the ground now I was gasping.  Sanity I wasn't grasping.  The voice shot through me like a spear.
I coudln't move and couldn't speak.  My body had turned numb and weak.  In those woods I did sleep. Wrapped in a blanket of fear.
The next morn. I awoke dead, lying in my coffin-bed.  Through my eyes, only red.  But the voice was no longer near.

 *Love is the only thing that keeps me sane* (Sue Townsend)

© Copyright 2000 Merrit W. - All Rights Reserved
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1 posted 2000-04-25 09:26 PM

That sent shivers down my spine, and I'm not usually freaked by scary poetry. You have very good technique. I enjoy reading your work. Keep it up.

Under the moon,
Lady Wolf

 On the Avenue of Life,
don't forget to take
the Taxi once in awhile.

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2 posted 2000-04-26 03:24 AM

This is a fantastic piece! I loved reading this. The structure in which you wrote it was different and therefore inetersting. You have used good description and a nice rhyme. I will be looking for more of your work.

Great job.  


 "Poetry is the language in which man explores his own amazement."
Christopher Fry

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3 posted 2000-04-26 04:14 PM

Creepy it reminds me of a song that i sang once..,"Down in the forest late at night under the glow of pale moonlight"... Good Job!

 Lane C.

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4 posted 2000-04-27 03:07 AM

great poem! eerie, intense and just plain fun! keep up the good work!


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5 posted 2000-04-29 02:03 PM

Hey thanks everyone!

 *Love is the only thing that keeps me sane* (Sue Townsend)

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