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0 posted 2000-04-18 10:16 PM

I Try

I try not to look at you,
I keep on trying, but I always do,
I try not to think about us,
But you on my mind is a must,
I try not to cry at night,
When I close my eyes, you come to sight,
I try to move on,
Then I think of the love that has gone,
I try not to care,
Dont you have any love to spare?

 "A Love Found Brings A Smile, But The Lost Lost Only Brings Pain"

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1 posted 2000-04-18 10:39 PM

Thats exactly ur prob, u try 2 hard  
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2 posted 2000-04-18 10:47 PM

My dad gave me a really great peice of advice that might help you in your situation.  When a guy blows a girl off, most girls try to get him back and they shower him with attention and this just drives the guy off even more.  If the girl doesn't do this, but does the opposite, you know what i mean, if she just lets it happen and just says "Ok, thats fine."  then most usually the guy will come crawling back to her.  Now on the other hand, usually when girls let guys go, like your gf let you go, then he comes back to her, at least in all my expeiriences, and thats what you are doing.  Don't try so hard, if it is meant to be, it will.  
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3 posted 2000-04-19 11:23 PM

I have to agree with Rachel. Maybe if you just sit back and let things happen on their own it'll end up better.


 "Poetry is the music of the souls, and above all, of great and feeling souls."

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Floating gently on a cloud....
4 posted 2000-04-20 03:08 PM

Don't try too hard, honey! If you try too hard, you'll get hurt cos you will have put your all in to this. Like the others say, let nature take its course and just live your life to the fullest.

Love and hugs,

 "Poetry is the true expression of my soul, it is my ultimate means of communication. It is my rainbow of delight."

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5 posted 2000-04-20 03:41 PM

Oh my dear, I am so sorry you have to go through something like this. It was a beautiful poem and as intrusive as it may sound . . . maybe it's time to stop trying.


 "The worst of what people do to one another is deceive.
Because when you love someone you control their version
of reality. If you lie to them that's like making them
autistic so that what they believe is reality is in fact,
not their true situation at all."

It's not the angry words that break the heart, it's the silence.

Someone said that true love is like a ghost -- often spoke of but never seen.
I've seen both and yet in my darkest hours, tend to believe that neither exits.

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6 posted 2000-04-20 08:37 PM

Everyone's telling you not to try so hard, but it's hard not to try.  You close your eyes and all you see is that person that you list and you want them back so much that you can't think about anything but them.  You try and you try and you try, but you can't.
It's ok for everyone to say, don't ry so hard.  But it's almost impossible to move on so quickly.
At the end of last year I had a really bad break up with this guy that I was with.
He had been telling my a year that he loved me and he would never leave me, then he moved away, he contuinued to tell me that every thing was the same, nothing would ever change the way he felt about me and he loved me more than ever, and then one day I was on the phone to him and he seemed distracted and I asked him what was wrong and he said that the girl he was going out with lied to him about something.
I couldn't believe it, that was the way he told me he was seeing someone else, he just said that the girl he was seing lied to him.
Now they're engaged, we tried to tell each other that we would still be friends but it was impossible.  To make things worse, he tried to blame the whole thing on me.
The point is, for months afterwards I couldn't get him off my mind, I wrote angry poetry and I tried to tell myself that it would be ok, but I don't think that I will completely get over it for a while yet.
The heart is a complicated thing, you have to be so careful that you don't hurt it, but it always happens.
I hope that you find the strenght within yourself not to move on, but to smile.  That's the most important thing, smile.
I'm always here if you want to talk.

Love Always,

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