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Teen Poetry #2
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0 posted 2000-04-17 10:29 PM

Me not liking you is how things may sometimes seem
Because most of the time I say things that I really don't mean
I hope you know by now those words are only said to hide
What I feel and what I think deep down inside
When you walk into the room, I get the biggest smile upon my face
The tingly feeling I get from seeing you could never be erased
You always make me laugh, yet you know how to make me scream
But having someone like you in my life is like living a fairytale dream
Every minute spent with you are moments I'll always treasure
I could never forget all the special times that we have shared together
I love being with you no matter where it may be
As long as you are there, my happiness is guaranteed
You mean the world and more to me - that's just what I want you to know
But I'm sorry I can't say that to you and let my feelings show
I know I have denied over and over again that I love you
But believe me when I say that I really honestly do

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1 posted 2000-04-18 12:41 PM

You should never hide how you really feel in a relationship, it can get you in trouble.  Its great writing, you should share it with the person you wrote it for, if you haven't already, they deserve to know you love them.  Great work!! Keep it up!  rachel
Yu Lan
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2 posted 2000-04-18 03:19 AM

This is beautifully expressed.. and yeah, i know exactly what you mean, but Rachel is right.. tell this person how u feel.. just see what happens, eh? If you hide it.. pretend it isn't true, u may lose them forever..

Hey, ya got a name for this one?? ^_^
Well written, Marissa

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3 posted 2000-04-18 02:46 PM

This is an excellent poem. I have to agree with what Rachel said though! Don't hide your feelings...let that person know how you feel.

Be strong!


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