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since 2000-04-01
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Winnipeg, MB, Canada

0 posted 2000-04-02 05:20 AM

My loneliness is my only friend
during those long nights
sitting in my room
wishing for a friend
and my wish came true
you came along and made my life worth living
you made me feel like I was the luckiest person alive
that my prayers came true
god had givin me a reason to live
and I took it for granted
and now I've lost that reason for living
and I'm lost in all this
I don't have a sholder to cry on
I don't have a hand to grab when I fall
I don't have a friend who cares for me
I'm all alone in this darkness
all this dispare I'm in
and everything I do
every song I hear
everywhere I go
reminds me of you
and all I can do is cry
cry for the fun we had
cry for the laughter
cry for the friend I once had
and now miss
if only I opened my eyes
and saw what I was doing
what it was going to do to us
and what the consequences would be
if only I had a second chance
I would do everything differently
and make this the best friendship
but I can't turn back the hands of time
I can't make you my friend again
I can't bring back all the laughter
I can't do that
but if I could do something
I would do that


© Copyright 2000 Jessica Bjarnason - All Rights Reserved
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Floating gently on a cloud....
1 posted 2000-04-02 07:19 AM

This is a lovely yet so sad poem. I am your friend....everyone in Passions is too. You can count on us!

Love and hugs,

Junior Member
since 2000-04-01
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2 posted 2000-04-02 11:40 PM

hmmm i think i have been the friend that got taken for granted like you say in your poem, i have gone through that, and its tough, btu if my ex-friend ever wrote soemthign that beutiful about me, then i would forgive him, of course my ex-friend is a jerk, so i will nto be gettign as lucky, and yea we are all hear for ya!

love always

since 2000-04-01
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Winnipeg, MB, Canada
3 posted 2000-04-05 12:41 PM

Thanks for your comments guys, I'm glad you liked the poem and that you understood it.
Thomas Jono
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since 2000-03-30
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4 posted 2000-04-05 01:27 AM

your poem brings me back many memories. I feel sad to hear those words you said in your poem. I hope that one day you will find the one you love again, for it will happen if you make it happen.. that was a good poem and very nice work. continue writing good poems like that.. I feel your pain, but you still have a lot of us to care for..

Thomas Jono

since 2000-04-01
Posts 179
Winnipeg, MB, Canada
5 posted 2000-04-06 08:17 PM

your guys don't need to worry, this was a poem I wrote a while ago about a old friendship. But thank you all for your concern. Thanks again,   Poe  
since 1999-08-25
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6 posted 2000-04-06 11:20 PM

Keep up the good work this is the second one of yours i've read so far and it's good. I think that we all write about things that happen in our lives and that always seems to put out the best poems. I congrat you on a job well done.


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