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Teen Poetry #2
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since 2000-02-02
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0 posted 2000-03-27 09:00 PM

Many people choose to see,
The world in black and white.
The other shades of vibrant colours,
Must be out of sight.

Life isn't just about,
Living your life to die.
It's about experiencing love,
And what it means to cry.

Many things are taken,
For granted and away.
If you see the one you love,
Say what you want to say.

Help someone once a day,
To show you really care.
Go crazy with your clothes,
And be silly with your hair.

Live your life to the fullest,
Be jolly and not mean.
'Cause when you do you will see,
The colours you've never seen.

© Copyright 2000 Elizabeth Johnson - All Rights Reserved
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1 posted 2000-03-28 01:47 AM

This is a very nice and true poem. Nicely written.

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Floating gently on a cloud....
2 posted 2000-03-28 05:57 AM

This poem expresses something so so true. I enjoyed reading it immensely! Keep posting!
April Resi
since 1999-10-18
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3 posted 2000-03-28 05:32 PM

Very, Very good poem. So true!
I only wish some people would just oppen thier eyes to how much they are missing. It's hard to see it tho, when you are so blinded by anger and hurt and pain. (Sighs) I just wish more people could really see what you are talking about!!
Loved the poem!!

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4 posted 2000-03-28 07:46 PM

i really needed that poem - thank you!! so many times i see the black and white of life and i forget that God made the rainbow for a reason! so we could enjoy the 'many shades of life.'   very well written  
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5 posted 2000-03-28 09:05 PM

That's an awsome way to describe the world, and love. I'm mucho impressed. Keep it up!
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6 posted 2000-03-28 10:29 PM

I love this poem. Really, it is wonderful.  You're right. We should enjoy life and all the awesome little things in it. Thank you, this is good
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7 posted 2000-03-28 11:09 PM

i love this poem..... its really, really beautiful and sooo truthful. very well written, great job. i cant wait to read more of your work! keep it up  


"When faced with a challenge search for a way, not a way out."  --unknown

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8 posted 2000-03-29 03:52 AM

Thankyou very much everyone.

When I wrote this poem i was actually in a good mood for once  

once again, thanks  


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