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0 posted 2000-03-11 11:42 PM

Sitting underneath the stars wishing and hopeing that this relationship will work.. but...
The hurt and pain inside her heart is to much for her to handle!
She has tryed and tryed to make everything work out but all she's acomplished was nothing!
You hear me NOTHING!
Absolutly nothing at all.
You say she's immature,
and you say she's annoying
But what do you expect?
She's your baby sister!
Trying to be with her older brother
trying to fit in.
Trying to hang with someone older then herself.
But she see now that she tryed to make there relationship work.
And now she's done.
Don trying, done wishing,
Done haveing anything to do with you and your life!
She's tryed and tryed,
But not anymore!
Now its your turn!
Your ture to keep there relationship going!
So she aske's YOU , MY brother when will you start acting like a brother and not a stranger??


© Copyright 2000 SwEEt&iNnOcCeNt - All Rights Reserved
since 2000-03-09
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1 posted 2000-03-11 11:46 PM

excellent poem s&i  it hits home with me and actually lets me see how i must be treating my little brother  keep up the good work
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Missouri, USA
2 posted 2000-03-12 01:09 AM

wow... that makes me so glad that I'm nice to my little sis.... Reminds me of how I felt when I tried to hang with my big bro too.... Very beautiful and touching poem.

 "Sa souvraya niende missian ye." I am lost in my own mind. ;)

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3 posted 2000-03-12 03:34 PM

2 emptyness: thank you very much!!!  
YoU should treat your little brother better, because you can end up like me and my brother not having a relationship at all! and it might be hard cuz there not as mature as you are but thats what little kids are!! so dont ever let your relationship go down the tube!

and 2 DragonFang:

Thats good to hear you treat your little sister good!! dont ever loss that, that's probly why i wish i had a older sister and not a brother!! she and i would get along much better the my brother!! Well maybe that's it brother's dont wanna be seen with anyone in there family (sib's) i mean!! hmm hehehe anyway thank you both for responding to this posting!! i'll try and get some more up!!!

Much love to you both and God bless!!

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4 posted 2000-03-12 05:26 PM

this was heaps good!
is making me think of what my relationship is like with my siblings.

I try to fit in but the age gap reels
what does a teen talk about to her 5 year old brother?
conversations on cars, trucks and pokemon
i simply don't understand
was i ever this complicated and versatile?
what does a teen talk about to her 8 year old sister?
having a heart to heart about barbies, fairies or plastic jewellery
interests that i never had
why can't i remember how to talk to a child?
i see them playing together and my heart aches for acceptance
they have a sibling bond so strong
i seem to have nothing at all with either of them
when i try to be nice it's always thought there is un ulterior motive
i want to be known as the courageous older sister
but instead i am the frustrated person who screams and yells at them
i fear growing up coz i can't help but think
that when we are older will it simply be
they will spend time together in content
and i shall be the older orgre who has been exiled.

you's also hard to be an older sister. there is such a huge age difference between my siblings and i, andwhile they sometimes fight, they can laugh and play together for time on end, butme being the oldest and sharing no interests is always on the outer.

once again good job


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5 posted 2000-03-12 06:47 PM

I can relate to this statment/poem, in many ways.
Why don't THEY realize that we care, can't they see we look at them and stare. Stare with amazment, that they do not see. Stare with awe, I give it to thee.

Well, that was just off the top of my head.
Again, GOOD WORK! I'd like to see more of your work! Thanks, and welcome.  

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6 posted 2000-03-13 12:20 PM

Sorry i can't relpy to everyone who responded to this poem i have written i promise when i get more time i will post more thanks you everyone! especaily 4eva_at_heart thank you very much! it seems like eveywhere i post there you are!! i wish i had a friend like you!! you are a very sweet person and you do have a wonderful heart! sorry if i got mushie!!! thanks again!! bye bye everyone!!!

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7 posted 2000-03-13 12:28 PM

thanx sweet & innocent
you seem to be extremely friendly too!
keep up the good are an excellent poet


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8 posted 2000-03-13 01:19 AM

This is the kind of poem that I can relate to. My older brother did it to me and now sadly as the circle of life passes through I do it to my Maybe I should be a little nicer  

Nice work all the same


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9 posted 2000-03-13 01:23 AM

this is a good mean to my sister, yet i tell her everything. My brother and i have a best friend relationship, and my sister might get so jelous!
Well ill try and be nicer to her
Love mel;

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10 posted 2000-03-13 06:48 AM

great work!! It looks like you were a little mad even while you were typing it lol
I'm new here and i would appreciate any feed back you could give me on my poems I posted

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11 posted 2000-03-18 12:29 PM

tO bEc.. thanks for posting and everything! i could thank you for a lot but can't heheh keep up your good work with your poem's too!

tO anonymousfemale: sorry i didn't respond right away! Anyway i think that if you got treated badly it might go through to your younger brother. but remember how bad you felt when your older brother would do that. you have to understand where your 'lil brother's comeing from! you can't jump on his case for every lil thing.

tO huney_mel: i can understand where your comeing from, and with me it's me and my younger sister that's real close and my brother's all forget you!! so ehehe thanks for posting...

to dazed: to your question, yes i was extreamly mad at my brother and i still am! so hehehe thanks for posting!!

ThAnks to everyone who posted!!! i got to go!

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