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Dreaming Of You

Sometimes when it's late at night,
I look up at the sky with stars shining bright
In the back of my mind, I imagine you are
Somewhere far away, looking at the same star
I then close my eyes, and to God I pray
I ask Him to make sure that you're doing okay
I hope that you're happy, with a smile on your face
And whatever you're doing, I pray that you're safe
Cuz even if we cannot be together,
I want the best for you, now and forever
And if at any moment, you are feeling pain
Remember I'm here for you through sunshine and rain
There's not a single moment that passes me by
When I am not thinking of you, and longing deep inside
But whatever you do, and wherever you go
It would make me so happy as long as you know
That no matter how much we have both grown apart
You'll always have a special place deep in my heart
And I long for the day when you come around,
When I hold you close, and heaven shines down
But until that magical day arrives,
I'll keep dreaming of you, and keep the memories alive

© Copyright 2000 Silkklove - All Rights Reserved
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1 posted 2000-03-05 09:22 PM

What a great attitude.
Welcome, I read this one first
now I must go read your first post.

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In the space between moments
2 posted 2000-03-05 09:50 PM

Very beautiful!  Welcome to passions!  You have great talent, keep it up!

 *Krista Knutson*

"Every moment marked with apparitions of your soul...." ~*Sarah McLachlan- Do What You Have To Do*~

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