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0 posted 2000-03-05 09:51 AM

I live so I must die.
  I love so I must be loved.  
I speak so I must be heard.
I sleep so I must awake.
I'm dead but did I really live?
  I'm loved but do I really love?
I'm heard but did I really speak?
  I'm awake but did I really sleep?
  Am I really doing what I was put here to do
or am I just living a lie?

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Paul Hoekman
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1 posted 2000-03-05 03:37 PM

Well Tamma,
You must die to sin
to be born again into newness of life.
Born twice die once.
It's Sunday!
I can appreciate your turmoil,
before I died for my one time,
I lived many years in confusion.

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2 posted 2000-03-05 05:42 PM

I like this poem quite alot. It is very philosophical and deep.

Good work.


Danny Holloway
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3 posted 2000-03-07 11:02 AM

Very nice poem young lady.  Some heavy thought processes here for sure. Good example of your writing skill.

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4 posted 2000-03-07 11:10 AM

This is a good poem.  Keep up the good work, and remember that you should always follow your heart, and trust in yourself after all you're the only one that has to live with your own lies.
- Gina

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5 posted 2000-03-08 04:16 AM

Tamma forget about your lies and get on with living...ENJOY life this is not a rehersal aurthor unknown to me...Just do it girl  

 Keep all the windows of your mind open
Anne Rooks

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