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0 posted 2000-02-20 12:59 PM

Just Hush,
No words need 2 be spoken,
let me tell u w/ out words… i love u very much,
i want the key 2 ur heart… i want the token,

Even tho we were silent… i still felt the warmth u bring 2 me,
U didn't say  a word… but i knew what u meant… u love me altho silence between us seems 2 be… a consistancy,
few words u say are sincere,
true love from u 2 me… is it there? the fact that i ? this brings me fear,

U seem so sweet,
not like the other ones,
any doubt… wish i could delete.
but u blow me off 2 "kick it wit ur duns",

I understand… its okay,
i just dont know what 2 say,
internet or not… i love u just as much,
but i'll just back off… let u be… & stop usin' our love as a crutch,

we make better friends than anything else… this is how i see it,
i love talking 2 u & all,
3 words left in the dark… say them now or 4ever hold ur peace… i'm not waiting… not anymore… not one bit,
i thought we were meant 2 be… but ur my infatuation… i do love u tho doll,

i'm tired of being quiet… u act like ur embarassed of me,
not saying whats on ur mind… askin' me 2 "chill" & jus' "let u be",
i jus' dunno anymore,
i know i told u THAT b4,

i have delcared my new found free-dom,
u told me b4… u still want some?,
i'm not up 4 waiting on u… or bein' put off,
i wish we could cuddle & whisper sweet things 2 each other ever so soft,

but u kept me on ignore,
told ur friends i was a bore,
i dont think ur THE ONE,
thats who i want… sorry hun,

but u lost ur chance,
one last glance,
i'm sorry babe… i still love u,
i do love u… ºahemº thats ur cue,

thanks for keeping this relationship on hush mode,
I LOVE U sn't no special code,
it means what it is… "I LOVE U",
doesn't mean i love someone else… i've only loved few…… they were U U & U,

i'm sorry………

i think its best,
if we regret the rest,
if only u would have confessed,
then this wouldn't be so messed,

All Well……
thats SILENT LOVE… 4 ya………


© Copyright 2000 LeAnn - All Rights Reserved
Danny Holloway
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Tulsa, OK
1 posted 2000-02-21 01:15 PM

Reading this was roller coaster ride.  I enjoyed the ride!
I like your word substitutions!
Good 4u!

since 2000-02-15
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Cecil, Wisconsin USA
2 posted 2000-02-21 07:42 PM

Hey you! Sup? This was a great poem and it was fun reading it. I can kinda relate to some of your verses to this poem. I love to express my feelings without words. It's great when your eyes and touch can do all the talking. It's an intimate and very romantic thing.  ) You go girl!


 "If thou can wait then thou shall stay"
-Destiny's Child

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since 2000-02-19
Posts 13
San Antonio,TX
3 posted 2000-02-21 08:47 PM

Thank You!!!!   I think that when people tell me i WROTE A GOOD POEM & what not… that my poetry isn't as mis-understood as i tend to think it is. I'm a very expressive person & I don't think i read poetry like ANYONE ELSE. I add my emotions to the poem. I say it how it makes me feel. I can't read something w/out putting my own lil' "Ummmƒ" into it, sorta say. I love it when people say they enjoyed or liked my poems. & It makes me "sublimely" happy to hear that it touched someone or made them THINK. But once again, thank you for letting me know what you think/thought about it!!!

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