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since 1999-07-26
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Brooklyn, NY, USA

0 posted 1999-10-02 11:24 PM

You say I'm immature.
And that I'm just a kid.
You say that I'm a little girl,
And theres nowhere I could fit.

You lied to me, and said you care.
Now you're saying "Let me be,
You don't belong in here with me".

You said "I'm way to old for you.
What will peolpe say?"
I told you age is just a number.
Yet i realize no matter what I'll do, you will always act this way.

"You cannot sedate all the things you hate."

© Copyright 1999 Olga - All Rights Reserved
Paul Hoekman
since 1999-12-28
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Harwinton Ct. U>S>A>
1 posted 2000-03-02 10:59 AM

I feel your frustration.
Keep an open heart.
Love God and yourself.
The RIGHT one will come along.
You should'nt NEED someone else.
Be patient get strong.

since 2000-01-14
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2 posted 2000-03-02 11:15 AM

I understand where the frustration comes in here.  I can tell you that age is just a number, too, but depending on age difference, some people can either get into a lot of trouble, or can have different thoughts.  The right person will come along in time, though, I promise you.  Just give it time- be patient and keep your heart open...
~Kristi Lynn

since 2000-01-20
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Bonduel, WI USA
3 posted 2000-03-02 11:19 AM

Your poem is really good.  It's clear that this guy you've written about is the one with the problem, if he can't see past your age.  Yes, age is only a number and it should be over looked yet many people don't see it that way.  Keep your head up and always follow you heart it will never lie to you.


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