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since 1999-07-28
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0 posted 1999-10-02 11:48 AM

the first time that i can ever remember
being truly happy
was lying in your arms last night
able to love freely and
without hesitation
i know you can understand
the beauty of your smile
the softness of your lips as i
kiss you goodnight
the light and dark of your eyes
when they shine down upon me
the love i feel when you hold me
secure, safe, everlasting
the words that come to mind
when i think in my bed at night
and the light is gone
but it isn't, the light
is forever within us,
just you and me
i've realized
since you've shown up
that life isn't all sadness and shadows
but happiness and stars and all those cliches
in turn
and as i lay my head down tonight
i thank god and fate and heaven and hell
or whatever brought you to me
because you've shown me
how wonderful feelings can be
and this sense of security
guides me on my way to sleep....

© Copyright 1999 Rhiannon - All Rights Reserved
Paul Hoekman
since 1999-12-28
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1 posted 2000-03-01 03:29 PM

I hope you shared this with the person
you are refering to.This is very sweet.
Maybe throw some breaks into it,
it might make it a little easier
on the eyes.

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Danny Holloway
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2 posted 2000-03-01 04:24 PM

This poem is really uplifting!  Hope you have that feeling all your life.  
Nice work!

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new orleans
3 posted 2000-03-01 07:02 PM

rhiannon: the first time i can remember being truly happy was one night when i was sick and laying on the floor in the living room of our old alabama one-story house and watching some sci-fi movie with my dad... i'll never forget that night... the movie wasn't that great... but i felt so close to him right then    just thought i'd share...

jerome the mysterious priest

 And their bleating was like a wet salmon
slapped upon the land---slap! slap! slap!

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