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0 posted 2002-06-28 10:22 PM

I am attempting a close examination of this Sonnet.
Can anyone suggest a meaning for the line - "Three personn'd god"
Most grateful.

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1 posted 2002-06-28 10:41 PM

My thoughts?.. Existance is something of a trinity, isn't it...??
Father - Son - Holy Spirit
Body - Mind - Soul
Thought - Word - Deed
Three parts to the whole entity...

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2 posted 2002-07-10 01:00 AM

John Donne is no doubt referring that God has revealed himself in three "persons", ie Father, Son and Holy Spirit... or the "trinity".


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3 posted 2002-07-17 12:53 PM

Taking apart a poem line by line is tricky at best; perhaps to read it as a whole, one might think he "personified" God...and it was a trick of poetic license to write "personn'd" God

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4 posted 2002-07-17 09:40 PM

Interesting thought Kari - in my studies of Donne I learned that while he did in fact use a lot of puns in the Holy Sonnets 'three person'd God' most definitely referred to the trinity. Donne's basic premise for 14 was essentially a metaphor comparing God as a ram, and the subject as a fortress whose gates are sin. To tie into the trinity a lot of the lines have 3 actions like:

'Your force, to break, blow, burn'
'Divorce me, untie or break that knot' etc

(I figure it's safe to do a tiny analysis here since this was posted nearly a month ago)

I'll stop before I write a novel...


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