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(I tend to go off on a tanget, so I apologize in advance. . .)
I just wanted some time to work things out on my own.   I start college in the fall, I am moving into my new apartment with his mom in two months, and I just needed some time on my own.  I never knew it would be this bad.  He is failing school, he bust his shoulder and cant play baseball for another three weeks, and his parents are in the midst of an ugly divorce, yeah, but. . .I am just naive.  I have no complaints. I have never starved, never been without, I am happy.  I guess I should have noticed something was askew when he began to tell me I was the soul reason he even bothered to get up in the morning.  But I didnt.  Suicide wasnt an option, and the thought never crossed my mind.  I base everything around him. I have every Tuesday and Thursday off to watch his ball games.  I am staying here to go to a local college to stay near him.  But now, my fiancee of only a month wants to die.  He thinks we will all be better of without him.  No more phone calls to say "Good morning sunshine!".  No more discussions on the wedding, or what our babies names will be(We narrowed it down to Xavier Roberto or Raquel Marie), or how we will go to his home country Puerto Rico while he plays in the Minors, while I watch the kids.  Its all different now.  I need a poem to tell him that I love him and need him in my life.  I dont want to imagine a life without Daniel.  If you can suggest a poem for me to give to him (As soon as you can, please, I am going to visit him in the hospital tonight!)I would earnestly appreciate it.  Thank you, ~Elizabeth~

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Here are two poets' words that may fill the bill.  I know I enjoy their works and respect their writings.  Please make sure that you give the poets credit...

and I wish you both all of the best.

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