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0 posted 2001-11-11 01:41 AM

I have a question that maybe someone here can help me with. I am looking for a poem with a specific topic. I need a poem that deals with stalking another person or being stalked by a person. I haven't been able to find one and I thought that maybe someone looking at this could help.
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1 posted 2001-11-11 02:10 AM

the closest thing i can think of is a poem by robert service about a man who is pretty much stalked through lifetimes and killed in every one by the same person. this all takes place through the guise of a telescoping dream. there isn't a poet in history as prolific or well written as service. this is a good one, too. it may not suffice, but in the absense of anything closer to the mark, it might.

                                                              The Dreamer

                                        The lone man gazed and gazed upon his gold,
                                        His sweat, his blood, the wage of weary days;
                                        But now how sweet, how doubly sweet to hold
                                        All gay and gleamy to the campfire blaze.
                                        The evening sky was sinister and cold;
                                        The willows shivered, wanly lay the snow;
                                        The uncommiserating land, so old,
                                        So worn, so grey, so niggard in its woe,
                                        Peered through its ragged shroud. The lone man sighed,
                                        Poured back the gaudy dust into its poke,
                                        Gazed at the seething river listless-eyed,
                                        Loaded his corn-cob pipe as if to smoke;
                                        Then crushed with weariness and hardship crept
                                        Into his ragged robe, and swiftly slept.

                                                           . . . . .

                                        Hour after hour went by; a shadow slipped
                                        From vasts of shadow to the camp-fire flame;
                                        Gripping a rifle with a deadly aim,
                                        A gaunt and hairy man with wolfish eyes . . .

                                                         * * * * * * *

                                        The sleeper dreamed, and lo! this was his dream:
                                        He rode a streaming horse across a moor.
                                        Sudden 'mid pit-black night a lightning gleam
                                        Showed him a way-side inn, forlorn and poor.
                                        A sullen host unbarred the creaking door,
                                        And led him to a dim and dreary room;
                                        Wherein he sat and poked the fire a-roar,
                                        So that weird shadows jigged athwart the gloom.
                                        He ordered wine. 'Od's blood! but he was tired.
                                        What matter! Charles was crushed and George was King;
                                        His party high in power; how he aspired!
                                        Red guineas packed his purse, too tight to ring.
                                        The fire-light gleamed upon his silken hose,
                                        His silver buckles and his powdered wig.
                                        What ho! more wine! He drank, he slowly rose.
                                        What made the shadows dance that madcap jig?
                                        He clutched the candle, steered his way to bed,
                                        And in a trice was sleeping like the dead.

                                                           . . . . .

                                        Across the room there crept, so shadow soft,
                                        His sullen host, with naked knife a-gleam,
                                        (A gaunt and hairy man with wolfish eyes.) . . .
                                        And as he lay, the sleeper dreamed a dream.

                                                          * * * * * *

                                        'Twas in a ruder land, a wilder day.
                                        A rival princeling sat upon his throne,
                                        Within a dungeon, dark and foul he lay,
                                        With chains that bit and festered to the bone.
                                        They haled him harshly to a vaulted room,
                                        Where One gazed on him with malignant eye;
                                        And in that devil-face he read his doom,
                                        Knowing that ere the dawn-light he must die.
                                        Well, he was sorrow-glutted; let them bring
                                        Their prize assassins to the bloody work.
                                        His kingdom lost, yet would he die a King,
                                        Fearless and proud, as when he faced the Turk.
                                        Ah God! the glory of that great Crusade!
                                        The bannered pomp, the gleam, the splendid urge!
                                        The crash of reeking combat, blade to blade!
                                        The reeling ranks, blood-avid and a-surge!
                                        For long he thought; then feeling o'er him creep
                                        Vast weariness, he fell into a sleep.

                                                           . . . . .

                                        The cell door opened; soft the headsman came,
                                        Within his hand a mighty axe a-gleam,
                                        (A gaunt and hairy man with wolfish eyes,) . . .
                                        And as he lay, the sleeper dreamed a dream.

                                                          * * * * * *

                                        'Twas in a land unkempt of life's red dawn;
                                        Where in his sanded cave he dwelt alone;
                                        Sleeping by day, or sometimes worked upon
                                        His flint-head arrows and his knives of stone;
                                        By night stole forth and slew the savage boar,
                                        So that he loomed a hunter of loud fame,
                                        And many a skin of wolf and wild-cat wore,
                                        And counted many a flint-head to his name;
                                        Wherefore he walked the envy of the band,
                                        Hated and feared, but matchless in his skill.
                                        Till lo! one night deep in that shaggy land,
                                        He tracked a yearling bear and made his kill;
                                        Then over-worn he rested by a stream,
                                        And sank into a sleep too deep for dream.

                                                           . . . . .

                                        Hunting his food a rival caveman crept
                                        Through those dark woods, and marked him where he lay;
                                        Cowered and crawled upon him as he slept,
                                        Poising a mighty stone aloft to slay --
                                        (A gaunt and hairy man with wolfish eyes.) . . .

                                                          * * * * * *

                                        The great stone crashed. The Dreamer shrieked and woke,
                                        And saw, fear-blinded, in his dripping cell,
                                        A gaunt and hairy man, who with one stroke
                                        Swung a great ax of steel that flashed and fell . . .
                                        So that he woke amid his bedroom gloom,
                                        And saw, hair-poised, a naked, thirsting knife,
                                        A gaunt and hairy man with eyes of doom --
                                        And then the blade plunged down to drink his life . . .
                                        So that he woke, wrenched back his robe, and looked,
                                        And saw beside his dying fire upstart
                                        A gaunt and hairy man with finger crooked --
                                        A rifle rang, a bullet searched his heart . . .

                                                          * * * * * *

                                        The morning sky was sinister and cold.
                                        Grotesque the Dreamer sprawled, and did not rise.
                                        For long and long there gazed upon some gold
                                        A gaunt and hairy man with wolfish eyes.
                                                             --- Robert Service

passing shadows
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2 posted 2001-11-11 02:10 AM


Why can't I love you
and still be me?
Why can't I be with you
and still remain free?

Why do I have to give up
things I like to do?
Why is there loss of me
when I give myself to you?

When you touch my face,
run your fingers through my hair,
when you kiss my lips and breathe me,
why do I gasp for air?

Why is it that you've never heard
the sad song of the caged bird,
choked out and silence never softens
the edges of cages turned into coffins,

and because of the love you shove
hard into that tiny room,
broken wings, ultimate doom,
appropriately, your heart becomes a tomb.

passing shadows
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since 1999-08-26
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3 posted 2001-11-11 02:15 AM

Both Sides of the Sun
(the silent witness)

She couldn't speak anything of love,
of life, or of death, for years she knew-
the sun and the rain kept her in balance
except when they come together, the two.

They told her that's when the devil beats his wife
she knew all too well what that was like-
but she couldn't speak of it at all,
anything of the small,
overwhelming kisses, then the painful bite

that drew out course blood
only to be kissed away
listening through muffled ears, listening,
she'd leave, she'd stay.

The foul-weathered attempts
for stable mental fitness
together, the two
produced the silent witness...

because you never want to talk of one
when you live in both sides of the sun.

New Member
since 2001-11-11
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4 posted 2001-11-11 02:19 AM

wornways: thank you , i loved that poem. not quite what i am looking for but a terrific poem anyway. thank you very much.
passing shadows
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5 posted 2001-11-11 02:21 AM

This morning, the air is chilly
and I'm barefoot in the grass
as he sits wondering at the window
staring soulfully through the glass

at my hardened stillness
to see if he can understand
what he gets for his love
what he holds within his hand

Does he see I'm dying
does he realize that I'm weak
no dew on blades this morning
as no words I have to speak

I'm fond of sitting, picking
each blade and slicing it in half
he sits warm where I used to be
pondering how to make me laugh

The roses long wilted still remain
in a vase on the kitchen table
he doesn't see it's me
instead he creates a fable

where the being of me lives
and loves beyond the death
but sifting through the blades of grass
I search my final breath

he's foolish behind the pane
it's memory on which he's relying
fingers falling, he never turns away
but he doesn't see me dying.

Poet deVine
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Hurricane Alley
6 posted 2001-11-11 02:22 AM

I am moving this to the Q&A forum in the Discussions Section of Passions as it is not poetry.
New Member
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7 posted 2001-11-11 02:29 AM

thank you all so very much for the replies. you have all helped a lot  )
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8 posted 2001-11-11 02:31 AM

Memories Of Pain

Something won't let me let go
of the pain of you letting go of me
you say I'll stop missing you
I'll stop loving you eventually

but when I love, it's long and deep
the wounds stay open and go to the bone
I never knew loneliness till you
though, many times, I've been alone.

My love for you over time has grown
my pain has only gotten worse
my emptiness becomes larger each day
and only you can remove the curse.

Tell me you'll give us another chance
don't put me through years of this
when I can barely handle one more day
it's you I love, it's you I miss...

I won't be complete without you
so come to me and make me whole
and you will be as happy as me
I promise you that with heart and soul.

I love you and this isn't right
being apart for one more night
give me the chance and you will see
I'll always remind you you're precious to me-
because the memory of this pain will forever be.

passing shadows
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since 1999-08-26
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9 posted 2001-11-11 02:33 AM


You told me you don't love me anymore
that alone crushed me to my very core
I couldn't remember when you said it first
I had for it then no hunger or thirst
as I do now that you've bled me dry
unable to love me, unable to fly
through the storms that I brought in
for wanting the freedom I had back when
I first met you and I was still me
not the "us" you wanted me to be...

But over this time together, I grew
comfortable because "us" was what I knew
but you had since grown back into you
as I was trying to bring back skies of blue...

The words "I love you" are now like air
I'm flooding away in the storm clouds there
and it's become more than I can bare
suffocation, drowning in an longing stare...

unable to take a breath of life in
until you say you love me again.

passing shadows
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since 1999-08-26
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10 posted 2001-11-11 02:36 AM

You look in my eyes
when you penetrate
not able to wait

to fall in love
unaware I'm a mirage
eyes empty as far as you go
no reason to try to dodge
your intention for forever
it's right there in front of you
you don't let yourself see never.

I'm not what made me me
no longer who I used to be
but you refuse to see
I'm so empty

no love, no pleasure or pain...
no more fear

no bottom of the lake...drifting to sustain...
all mirages disappear.

passing shadows
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11 posted 2001-11-11 02:39 AM

a MaN iN lOvE

Oh God, Here We Go Again
Follow This If You Can

That afternoon, we had a wonderful time
driving around, laughing, eating
But that evening, you called me
and you asked
"So what are we gonna do?"
I asked, "do?"
you said, "about us".

Oh God, here we go again.
I can't take this anymore.
You said you couldn't either
You need me more than you get me.
I need you less.

"Do I have to see you every day?", I asked
you said I didn't know what relationships are about.
I must not love you
I'd want to be with you all the time.
You said the ball is in my court.
I'm not ready to change.

You said the ball is in your court
and you'll make the decision.
I said, "what decision?"
You said, "about us"

Oh God, here we go again.

You said it's over, say it's over
you said you need closure.
Fine, it's closed.

You called back an hour later.
"So, what's up? Just called to see if you're okay."
Other than crazy, I'm doing fine.
You said, "okay, you're crazy
and we're back together and I don't want to see you today."

You called back a minute later.
"I'm quitting my job and you can tell the boss why"
oh why? because I f***ed you up?
You said you were forewarned not to fall in love with me
and yes, I f***ed you up.

You called back twenty minutes later
"I can't help wanting to be with you"
I'm ripping you apart
**** free! Go to someone who can be
with you all the time.
You don't have to be mine.
You said you'd call me later.

You did.

"Why can't you be with me when I want to be with you?"
Why do you need me there all the time?
"It hurts to be without you"
You are hurting yourself, why?
"Because I love you."
I love you too
but you're the one who's flip-flopping, I'm not changing.
"Fine, I'm leaving."

You called back at 5 a.m.

Oh God, here we go again.

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12 posted 2001-11-11 02:43 AM

Why can't you just leave
without leaving a piece of you
the piece that warms without touching
and chills to the bone through?

Why can't you just leave
and leave me alone
why must you pull me down
like undertows, I'm snatched and thrown

about in the depths of the sea
up for air only to grieve
of this, I cannot conceive
the shore too far to retrieve
to pull me back through
why can't you just leave
without leaving a piece of you

and taking a piece of me.

passing shadows
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13 posted 2001-11-11 02:48 AM

There was nothing there
when I saw you again
my eyes empty of love or hate
no memory of the days when
we lived together, day after day
night after night, in the same bed
totally blank of those years
like a stranger or someone dead

You are still in love with me
and you say you want another chance
you say we could start all over
but under the given circumstance

that either I don't know you
or that I've forgotten well
it's been four years now
you still say only time will tell

but for all your hopes and praying
you'll not listen to what it's saying.

passing shadows
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14 posted 2001-11-11 02:50 AM

Your Everything

How much of your everything
am I supposed to be
I'm weak and tired here
and you don't want to see
I need a break from this
or I'll fall over the stones
for being immune to the energy
that used to penetrate my bones

and my heart is another thing
you don't want to know
that you're not in it anymore
or that I may let it go
for holding it is smothering me
I cannot breathe the air
you are so tightly in my face
and I don't want you there.

Go and put your faith in someone
and take some away from me
I'm suffocating from disappointing you

can't you see why I don't see
how much of your everything I am supposed to be?

passing shadows
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15 posted 2001-11-11 02:52 AM


You cling tight, desperate to breathe me,
to kiss my sweat, to lick my wounds,
squeeze my heart out one end or the other,
to absorb me full, leave me in ruins.

And in the heat of skin on skin,
in the passionate frenzy of two into one,
the rolling rapture of tingles and tortures,
brands me yours till after you come.

Then when it's quiet of the grunts and moans,
when it's still of the arching and rocking,
of petting, sweating, jamming and ramming,
I'm like a ship from a trip, finally docking.

When we fall and separate bodies apart,
through the sheets, another stream-lined path,
I take me back as mine again-
from the hands of men and wicked sin...

and crumble in the aftermath.

passing shadows
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16 posted 2001-11-11 02:54 AM


I am passionate about silence,
thinking time, moon dust, and night,
you are loud, down to earth, and bright,
always in my face, always in my sight.

I am passionate about running away,
disturbing the barriers you set up for me,
in light of whatever your strength, I'm free,
walls and chains don't stop the sea.

I am passionate about falling apart,
driving and crying 90 miles per hour, singing,
racing into the storm, thunder bringing
a nice place to walk and go swinging

with thoughts of how I always say
I'll leave it all for good one day.

passing shadows
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17 posted 2001-11-11 03:04 AM

Because I Loved You, I Hate You
I came to you because I loved you
because I loved you, I ignored fate-
I left because I loved you
because I loved you, I held the hope
that, in time, turned to hate.

I played the game your way
though I didn't understand the rules
I had faith in all your reasons
but then again, faith is for fools.

Because I loved you, I held the pain
thinking that you would eventually see
how very much I loved you
so much that I was punishing me
but I guess that was my stupidity
to think that you had a heart
to think that you weren't that cold
to watch me die for our being apart.

Because I loved you, I wept
cried my tears till I didn't have any
in that short time, it seemed like a million
now I see it was a million too many.

I never should have let myself love you
I should have faced the pending fate-
because I loved you, though it came too late
strong and deep, but you couldn't wait...
stronger and deeper now is my hate.

passing shadows
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18 posted 2001-11-11 03:10 AM

jenangel, this is all that I could find of my work on the subject. You can see I've been in both places. Hope it helped you a little bit.
Ian Llewellyn ap-Griffith
since 2000-02-12
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Cincinnati, Oh, U.S.A.
19 posted 2001-11-11 03:16 AM

Here is one that I wrote.

The Kill

Lighted for an instant
'neath a streetlamp in the park
I stalked her with immortal skill
Through Autumn in the dark
Her breath was delicate and strong
As it floated on the air
I whispered with the slightest sound
And warned her to beware
She turned her green eyes toward me
With only mortal sight
She peered in my direction
As I slipped behind the night
Her heart beat faster with her steps
Continuing her way
I knew that I must have her
By the dawning of the day
And as I closed to win my prize
She felt me drawing near
I took her by her shoulders
And I reveled in her fear
And as my teeth sank into her
She uttered one last word
I cannot tell you what it was
I'm not sure that I heard
The rush of blood had filled my ears
As she gave her life to me
I felt her crumple in my arms
With the purest ecstacy
I left her as I found her
Underneath the full moon's light
The taste of life upon my lips
As I return into the night

Sing while you may
  -The Prophet Qa'sepel

Your pain is for you alone, As it is, As it was, As it will be forever, Amen
   -The Prophet Qa'sepel

Kit McCallum
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Ontario, Canada
20 posted 2001-11-11 06:55 PM

I'm not sure exactly what you're looking for,
but thought this might be along the lines ...

Best wishes,

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