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0 posted 2001-04-20 04:27 PM

I am wondering if anybody else seems to have the trouble I have.  I go through a period where I write dozens of poems, one after another for days on end without stopping.  Then I go through this long ( and I emphasize long ) period of a dry spell where no matter how hard I try, I caouldn't write a poem if my life depended on it.  Does anybody else have this problem?  If so, is there a specific name for the problem? It drives me crazy.  I want to write and I feel the need to write, but I just can't get it out. Is there any cure or does anybody have any suggestions?  

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1 posted 2001-04-20 04:56 PM

Well, I'm in a dry spell myself and I call it writer's block    I too want to write real bad but I don't force it.  I believe when I force it, it doesn't really come from the heart.  I hope you rid yourself of this writer's block soon  

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2 posted 2001-04-20 09:01 PM

Yep, I know exactly what you mean, too. I also call it writers block. It can be very frustrating and nothing seems to help me, I just have to try to relax and wait for the inspiration to come back. I've tried all the little 'tricks', the word exercises, the challenges...nothing seems to work. So I'm probably not meant to write something until I'm meant to write something and I just try to occupy my mind with something else...I know, that's easier said than done too. One thing you can do in the meantime is go back over all the ones that you wrote already. Sometimes when I've done this I've done some great revisions which seems to help the frustration a bit. Good luck!  
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3 posted 2001-04-22 09:40 PM

Good ol' writers block, and I'm going through the same thing you are. It's very frustrating!!!!

I want to write, but can't seem to rhyme a thing. So I've popped out a few free verse, but of course I'm not satisfied with that.

I wanna write!  

Hey, if you find a cure, let me know.

Some get inspiration from reading, listening to music. One never knows where it will come from.  Sorry you're going through this, I've had one VERY long dry spell, and it just plain sucks.  

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4 posted 2001-04-22 10:48 PM


I am going ((((((CRAZY)))))) right now, Im even having a hard time replying to others work, seems like I can't get anything to come out right, so I have been working in my yard for several weeks trying to find my muse I write about nature alot but it is not helping at all but hey my yard is looking awesome! in my case as bad as I have it I call it BRAIN DEAD but most I think call it writers block, hope you find your muse soon!

Love, Cerenity

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5 posted 2001-05-07 12:10 PM

I think I mentioned this in a similar post some time ago.   But I think this is completely normal as long as your writing comes back.  It is the ebb and flow of creativity.  And often after I have gone through an irksome dry spell, my writing came back changed somehow... and better I might add.  It's kind of like when a caterpillar forms a cacoon hiding there with little apparent activity to later emerge as a more glorious creature.  Don't sweat it!  It's good for you.

Another thought I had...  Poetry is about life.  Poetry expresses life.  Poetry is not life itself, and not more important than life.  We go through times where we write, write, write, and the words become bigger than life in a sense.  But then the dryness comes because we need to stop writing so much and live a little.  Know what I mean?  It's kind of like breathing.  To live is like inhaling, while poetry is like the exhaling.  You can't exhale all of the time.  You run out of volume.  Have you run out of "volume" poetically?  Let your living give you some fuel for writing.  Then the awesome writing will come back as surely as you breathe air!


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