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0 posted 2001-04-18 02:43 PM

Ron and Poet deVine,

I am sorry for taking up so much of your time(I know you are busy) but when I first came into netpoets via I was sent here so I thought THIS was the main site -see I told you I'm dumb and don't want to be but...there it is.
Can you reply to people's poems there or what?

If you are new (and even now - for me anyway) how do you know your ICQ # or where or how to get one?

I would love to be able to meet some of the poets in here and "chat" and would gladly fill in an ICQ # if I knew how to get one. Anything 'standard' with computers or sites is all Greek to me so I do not understand 'piptalk' except that I think it is a software of some sort used for creating sites like this...tho I may be all wet...I'm sorry.

As for the ID # ...yikes..I really thought that was the ICQ which I was talking about...sorry...

So I guess my questions now are ...
how do I submit to the 'main' site and how do I get to chat? How do I get an ICQ number?

Maybe someone who 'chats' on a regular basis could help me with that one.

Gosh, I hope that makes sense.  Panne

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1 posted 2001-04-18 07:52 PM

Hi Panne,

To get ICQ go here

Make sure you carefully read all the versions and choose the version that is compatable with your system. For example, if you have Windows 95 or 98, you would select the first option on the screen. It's free and after you download the program you will be given an ICQ number that you can enter in your member info area at Passions and then you will automatically get the blue flower thingie.

As for submitting a poem or poems to the main site, just click on that submit envelope icon, fill out the required info and then you will be informed by Ron as to the next update of the main site and you will be provided with a link to it. It takes some time, it's not instantaneous as the forums are. Good luck!

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2 posted 2001-04-18 09:49 PM

PIP Talk is just the new name for the forums when we moved from netpoets. These are the same forums from netpoets, just moved, that's all.

We're on a new domain, and the name is still
Passions In Poetry, hence the PIP Talk.  

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3 posted 2001-04-19 09:30 AM

Panne - We'll have you in PiP pro status in no time here - If you've got your download complete, and you need help - I'll be happy to assist - as soon as I get tossed out of the Sunshine state... over the weekend...
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