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0 posted 2001-04-18 01:22 PM

I have recently seen a yellow envelope with a blue arrow in left corner pointing right that says when my mouse gets near it something like "submit this to Passions in Poetry' or something like that and not all posts have that symbol on it- I thought this was Passions in Poetry so could someone explain what that means?? Thank you.

Also, there is a flower like symbol on some and has some sort of id number on/in it - and is, I assume, somehow related to a question in the profile that asks us to put in our id number if we know it - what is that all about? how do we get that? do we need to know it?  Sorry if I sound stupid but ... well ... I am when it comes to computers . I read manuals and instructions and nothing makes sense -
Thanks for your help. Panne

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Member Rara Avis
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1 posted 2001-04-18 01:41 PM

I'm not sure manuals and instructions would help too much around here any way - things change too quickly.  

The "Submit" icon is for the main site at and only appears in the poetry forums (and only if the poster has at least 100 posts). As busy as the forums are, the main site is a LOT busier, with anywhere from one to two million visitors every month. Lots of exposure!

The ICQ icon (the little flower) is only there for people who fill in a valid ICQ number in their profile. ICQ is the original Instant Message program that allows people to "chat" live on the Internet. It's pretty much the standard at pipTalk, though there are several other similar programs available. I'm sure someone else (that actually uses it) can tell you more about it.

The ID number you mention is not related to ICQ, but it is related to the Submit icon. Those who are published at the main site are given a unique ID number, which will also point to the their "Author's Page" at the main site (including a list of all published poetry).

Poet deVine
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2 posted 2001-04-18 01:42 PM

The yellow envelope is a way to submit your work to the main site of Passions in Poetry.

The flower icon shows someone has ICQ.

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3 posted 2001-04-19 09:21 AM

Panne - If you want to download ICQ so that you can talk directly to other poets, go to - then add whomever you want to your contact list by using the numbers you find by running your mouse over their respective flowers...
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