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0 posted 2000-12-04 12:44 PM

Hello, I posted my Tanka "Swans" at a different poetry site as well, and someone wrote a note to me there and suggested its wrong to write Tanka, and also Senryu or Haiku, and imitate syllabic structure in English poetry, that was devised for a language with no roots of any kind in common with English, that every language has its own natural forms and should stick to their own... I feel its ok for cultures to share forms and aquaint each other to their forms...just wondering what your opinions are toward this...(it might help me put my own into better scope so I can respond to this person...)

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1 posted 2000-12-04 02:17 PM

tell them in all the languages you know how "PHOOEY"
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2 posted 2000-12-04 02:37 PM

If we don't remember and acknowledge the forms of poetry that are not used as much today or if we fail to appreciate the different language forms of poetry, we are in fact signaling the death of those forms. Tell them you refuse to murder poetry!  
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3 posted 2000-12-04 04:41 PM

Why don't you suggest to this person that - wow, isn't it such a shame that all the works of the Roman empire were ever translated, and for that matter the Bible. I mean really...

heh - slightly out of context, and with English language roots - but, to me, the above statement is just as ridiculous as what that person said.


Every culture should stick to it's own. Pah. Writing evolves... so 'don't stop the revolution!' LOL.

Wot Sharon said. Definitely. (Wot is ancient Arabic for 'I must say I find myself coming to the conclusion that I agree with')


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4 posted 2000-12-04 09:49 PM

Um... I'd say that to emulate them is to honor them... Tell 'em to suck it up and be grateful...
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5 posted 2000-12-05 12:53 PM

Go Nan baby....
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6 posted 2000-12-05 11:00 AM

Good day, thank you all for sharing your opionions and commenting. I did finally manage to post a comment back to this person last night and I said to her basically that i just feel that forms of poetry stay alive more broadly by sharing them and that its ok to write them and experience them in our different languages...people are aquainted to them and acknowlege them and their roots/connections on an international level, but they wouldn't if they were confined to being only written in the language of the country from which they originated, that I don't know japanese and doubt I ever will,  but like muchly to read  haiku, tanka, senryu, and appreciate that though i'm anglophone, Canadian, can experience and express with a japanese form, that I never would've came across if it weren't for them being shared in the english language, i don't always know how to respond, hope that had some soundness.
thank you again for your comments and sharing your thoughts...
take care

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