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0 posted 2000-11-29 11:43 PM

Would it be possible to introduce a Poll thread?

Vision of yes/no/maybe answer sequence but to be effective would need to be 5 possible answers or more, with a closing date.  Option to disclose poll results now or at a later date, i.e. 24 hours/week/month, option to change answers......

I think it would be great to see what people think about situations on the fly but not sure how practical it would be with this many poets but sure as heck it would be fun...  )

Edit: I'm not at my best, clarity wise so forgot a few things....results would be anonymous unless answered by thread as opposed to poll but should be dynamic..

Now if I could only remember to remove that cigar from my's so very rude to talk with your mouth full...gessh!

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1 posted 2000-11-30 12:31 PM

What kinds of questions would we ask?
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2 posted 2000-11-30 08:06 PM

Well, Yes/No/Maybe So.... It'd have to include the "Maybe So"... because I'm the all time champion at answering a "yes" or "no" question with a "maybe so" and being convincing about it...
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