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0 posted 2005-12-13 05:31 PM

Hello everybody,first i would like to introduce myself.I am CarlasFairy and new to this Group.
I have always loved Poetry a lot but unfortunatly never figuered out how to bring mine to paper.I was wondering if i can get some help here?
I have been searching for a Poem that i would love to give to my Husband letting him know on how much i love and care.
I want to let him know that no matter what his Imaginations are or his Fantasies that he can tell me anything.He does have a very hard time opening up to people.
I would so appreciate if somebody could help.I have so much in my Head i would like to say but do not know how to bring it to Paper
Thank you!!

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Poet deVine
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1 posted 2005-12-13 05:52 PM

First...just put all your thoughts down..they may seem jumbled at first...

then connect them..move them around...find words in a thesaurus that may be better than the words you've written....

Then put it in a format like a me, it doesn't have to rhyme..

and you've got a poem!

Good luck...and if you'd like to try it out on us, please post it!

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2 posted 2005-12-13 06:39 PM

Yes...what our Poet deVine said.


Welcome to Passions!

Marge Tindal
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3 posted 2005-12-13 07:14 PM

I believe that there is a poem in everyone~

You can try the suggestions mentioned here~

Or for some up-close and personal and/or private help ... drop me an email, okay ?

You will see my email at the bottom of this reply~

~*No matter what I search for ...
let me know when it is LOVE that I find*~ <))><

Email -       

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